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The Hives
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist - vocals
Nicholaus Arson - guitar
Vigilante Carlstroem - guitar
Dr Matt Destruction - bass
Chris Dangerous - drums
Nicholaus Arson - guitar

1. Business or pleasure?

2. Business or economy?

3. It's really, really great to be in The Hives right?

4. Will The Hives still be around 20 years from now?
if I still get paid for it... then yes.

5. You must have a favourite actor/actress, why?
... cause it is a must. No comment/Christina Schollin.

6. Transparent is not a colour but GREEN is, how come?
Because when mixing the two colours blue and yellow one
is left with green. Hence it must be a colour too.

7. What invention would you've liked to invent?
No doubt a timemachine that runs on water but does not leak.

8. What's your idea of a great thing to do, apart from music?
I want to say hang-gliding but i feel like I'm stealing
someone else's idea.

9. Of all the countries you've been in, which is the
best kept secret when It comes to being great?

Very few people know this but I would have to say
not so hard work.

10. When do you think your new record will hit the record stores?
i'm taking a chance on this one... is it the 8th of October?

Nicholaus Arson's interview with Nicholaus Arson.

In order to get some facts up on the new website, The Hives sent Nicholaus Arson out to interview Nicholaus Arson. This is how it went down...

Nicholaus Arson 1 (right in the video below) is the interviewer. He is well known for his hot temper.

Nicholaus Arson 2 (leftt in the video below) is the subject of the interview. He is a self proclaimed king of irony and sarcasm, and plays guitar in The Hives.

Interview begins...

Nicholaus Arson 1: What is your name?

Nicholaus Arson 2: My name is Nicholaus Arson.

Nicholaus Arson 1: YOU BASTARD! Don't play games with me. Your name is Niklas Almqvist isn't it? You are Pelle’s brother!

Nicholaus Arson 2 : No comment.

Nicholaus Arson 1 : No comment?!

Nicholaus Arson 1: Look here, I've grown in the same womb as you! I will not take this shit!

Nicholaus Arson 2 smirks: Is there a question somewhere in there? (authors note: there we have that irony again good folks!)

Nicholaus Arson 1 smashes a guitar and leaves.

2 weeks later Nicholaus Arson 1 manages to get another shot at interviewing Nicholaus Arson 2.

Nicholaus Arson 1: So here we are again? Sorry about last time. I overreacted.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Yes you did.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Are you going be smart with me again?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Do you want me to answer truthfully?

Nicholaus Arson 1: Yes please.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Well then... Yes.

Nicholaus Arson 1: So you are going be smart with me?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Yes.

Nicholaus Arson 1 smashes another guitar and leaves.

2 weeks later Nicholaus Arson 1 is being pressed by The Hives who are running the website to get the interview done.

The Hives: You have to finish the interview.

Nicholaus Arson 1: I can't do it. I cannot interview an idiot...

The Hives: Well... we do need something on all five members.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Well duh! I fuckin know that, I'm not an idiot.

The Hives: Well can you please then take your non idiot ass down to Hivemanor and finish the fuckin interview.

Nicholaus Arson 1 exits the room without saying anything.

Nicholaus Arson 1 is pissed off, but he knows he has to finish the interview or the new website is going to suck. He phones Nicholaus Arson 2. It was easy to get a hold of his number. They do share the same one and all.

Nicholaus Arson 2 answers the phone back at the manor:

Nicholaus Arson 2: The King speaking here. Who is this?

Nicholaus Arson 1: Hello shit head.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Well hello there. I figured you'd come crawling.

Nicholaus Arson 1: I just have to finish this piece of shit article, and then I'm through with you.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Suits me fine.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Fine!

Nicholaus Arson 2: Fine!

There is a silent pause as their contempt for each other builds.

Nicholaus Arson 1: ... Sooo... since I can't stand you I've decided to shorten the interview with you from a 4 page spread to 5 fun facts. Ok with you!

Nicholaus Arson 2: My ego deserves more but ok. Shoot.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Ok maybe I will... State your full name!

Nicholaus Arson 2: Nicholaus Arson.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Ok I'll just let that slide for now. You be thankful.

Nicholaus Arson 1 puts it down in his notepad while grinding his teeth.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Task to perform in the band?

Nicholaus Arson 2: I play guitar

Nicholaus Arson 1: No shit!

Nicholaus Arson 2: Way shit!

Nicholaus Arson 1: Any other hobbies besides music?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Well I love cross country skiing.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Ok great! We are finally getting somewhere. Your fans will be delighted to know.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Great!

Nicholaus Arson 1: Great!

Nicholaus Arson 1: Favorite drink?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Milk or beer. Very close call.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Ok I'm putting that down. Weirdo!

Nicholaus Arson puts it down.

Nicholaus Arson 1: Person you admire?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Nicholaus Arson 2

Nicholaus Arson 1: Is that your final answer?

Nicholaus Arson 2: Yes.

A moment of silence takes place. It is of the same contemptuous nature as the silence they had shared a moment ago.

Nicholaus Arson 1: ... Ok thanks then. That’s it. Thanks for your time and good luck or whatever.

Nicholaus Arson 2: Whatever!

Nicholaus Arson 1: Whatever...!

They both hang up.

And this ladies and gentlemen is what finally came out of it:

Nick Arsons Super fun 5 fun facts about Nick Arson:

1. Name: Nicholaus arson
2. Instrument: guitar
3. Hobbies: cross country skiing
5. Person he admires: himself
4. Favorite drink: milk or beer

We here at The Hives HQ thank Nick Arson 1 for his tireless search for truth.