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The Hives
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist - vocals
Nicholaus Arson - guitar
Vigilante Carlstroem - guitar
Dr Matt Destruction - bass
Chris Dangerous - drums
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist - vocals

1. Business or pleasure?
Business, call me contrary.

2. Business or economy?
Both, twice.

3. It's really, really great to be in The Hives right?
Heaven and hell my friend. Mostly heaven.

4. Will The Hives still be around 20 years from now?
Possibly not physically, but in the hearts of the children.

5. You must have a favourite actor/actress, why?
What do you know? Maybe I don't!

6. Transparent is not a colour but _____ is, how come?
I am sorry but I simply do not understand the question.

7. What invention would you've liked to invent?
The Invention.

8. What's your idea of a great thing to do, apart from music?
Probably arm wrestling but it keeps disappointing me.

9. Of all the countries you've been in, which is the best
kept secret when It comes to being great?

Australia is seriously underestimated.

10. When do you think your new record will hit
the record stores?

Somebody said they read something about somebody
telling them something about sometime this fall.