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Here is a new feature on the Hives website.

After doing a gazillion interviews over the last ten years we have pretty much figured out what people want to know about us. We have compiled these into an interview. We decided to answer them here so you, the journalist / inquisitive fan dont have to ask the same questions over and over again. This is a service we provide, should you want it. 

We also feel like this is a good start to an ongoing interview with you, the fan. Visit the Questions & Answers page and ask away!... and we will answer the most interesting and entertaining ones.

Why do you always wear black and white?
It makes our instruments sound better and it looks cool. We like that it makes us look like we belong together. Cause we do. Also, listen to the Johnny Cash song Man in Black and add white, cause everything is not all bad, all the time Johnny.

How come you don’t sound like your first/second/third record anymore?
Because we already made that sound and it is free for others to copy. As they do. We are busy doing something new. Ah, the pains of being a leader in your field.

How come all your records sound the same?
Why fix it if it ain’t broken. You know when your grandparents hear hip hop or metal and they say it all sounds the same? That’s you. You are old.

How come you only have a few good songs?
Because having 3 good songs still puts us about one or two good songs ahead of our closest competitor in today’s modern rock climate.

How do you make all your songs so good?
We try really, really, really hard. Trial and error and a very tenacious nature.

In many interviews you seem to have a real attitude problem,
what’s up with that?

Look, a lot of people think we are very, very good. Why would we not agree? We get to decide exactly what kind of music to play therefore we have decided to play music we think is good. Why would we then, when someone asks us if we are good, say no?

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What do you feel separates you from other current bands?
An imagination and a libido.

What are some of your biggest influences?
The Pyramids, The colossus of Rhodos, Mount Everest, Australia and Jupiter.

Where did you get your name?
Chris found it in a dictionary. For some reason we thought it was a dangerous disease and one that spread like the plague. We were fourteen, it is a plural because most good bands are plurals.

Where did you get the names of the members?
We didn’t really “get them” anywhere. These are the names of the members of the Hives now then, and forever. It is just the way it is.

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Who is Randy Fitzsimmons, really?
He doesn’t want us to say and he has done so many things for us and you that we feel we should honor his request.

Why do you take so long between records?
We tour a lot and making records is something we take very seriously. We must wait until we have enough good stuff to put into them before we make them.

Why do you tour so much?
Because we love performing for you people. Love it! Plus we feel we have so much to give. And you to give us.

Why didn´t you play my town on your last tour?
Sorry kid, we tried to get as close as we could. No, honestly.

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