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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Alma Alma

Alma wrote on Aug 04, 2015:

Where: Mexico/Sweden

When: 2005-2015

To be a fan of The Hives has literally being quite a journey.

My name is Alma and I am from Mexico City. I would like to tell the whole story because all of the people who have listened to it think that is kind of awesome and it ended up with one of the members of the band being a little surprised by it.

It started about 10 years ago when I started to study at the university and met my friend Sara. She liked The Hives a lot and I became a real fan after she lent me a cd and I submerged completely into their music. We’ve seen the band play live 3 times in Mexico City, and in the three occasions we ended up at the front row. The first time in 2008 in salon vive cuervo we got to take Dr. Matt’s hand and we got a setlist. In the second concert in february 2012 it was the final of the Rockampeonato contest and even if we had to wait for hours we still made it to the front and enjoyed an awesome concert. In the third time in November of the same year was the corona capital festival, we had a couple of banners we made (I don’t know if the guys saw them xD), we could greet Arson for a second when they were finishing the concert and we got guitar picks!!!

At this point there is nothing out of the ordinary, right? These are things that most fans get to do…

But being us, Sara and I, the craziness would take another level.

While studying at the university, Sara and I decided that we were going to learn Swedish, and we had such good luck that they were teaching it in the language centre at our school, and one miraculous day we had a space on our schedule, so we went for it. Swedish is a beautiful, interesting and out of the ordinary language. We were just going to try, see if it was as difficult as it seemed and if we felt like we weren’t gonna make it we were just going to drop out.

We loved it.

It wasn’t that difficult and we were really interested in Sweden, the land that was home to our favourite band and its culture. So we knew that we needed to go there no matter what.

When we finished the course and we could speak Swedish (kind of), we took our savings from a whole year of work, packed our bags and took a plane to Sweden while listening to “it won’t be long”. Getting there was an amazing experience, being the first time we were overseas and in a country very different from our Mexico… And we couldn’t fall more in love with it, so bad that after 3 wonderful weeks it really hurt to come back home.

Life went back to normal, we were sad but we were back to our everyday lives until one day my Swedish teacher called me and I went to meet her at her office. She said that she and the other teachers thought I should apply to a scholarship to study in Sweden for a year, that I had good chances to get it. I thought to myself… why not? And I sent the application… like a month after my teacher sent a message telling me that I got the scholarship, and at that point my life changed completely.

It is the most difficult thing I’ve done, but I took the chance and it was worth it, I learned a lot and meet a lot of people, among them, my fiancée. It turns out that after the year I spent at school I went back to Mexico to apply for a residence permit and six month later I was back in Sweden, where I’ve been living for almost 3 years now. But the most unbelievable part is yet to come…

In Mexico I worked as a teacher so it was the only job experience I had. Then after months of trying I got a job as a substitute teacher in a school, it lasted almost a year and several months after they called me again to cover for another teacher who was sick. One day, my co-workers heard this story I’m telling you and they were amazed because as it turns out Chris Dangerous’ child is a student at that school and at some point he had been my student. I almost passed out, I couldn’t believe it!
I didn’t even expected anything, even if it had been something really big, I was very professional for my work, and I tried to let it go. But one of my colleagues thought that things happened for a reason and in one opportunity she had after some sort of meeting she told Chris about me and she said he thought the whole think was kinda cool, and that it would be nice to meet me sometime.

When I heard that I was passing out again! Haha but still I tried not to expect anything because to meet him would be very difficult and to me it seemed impossible even if we kind of live in the same place. Days passed and my time at work was coming to an end, so I thought it had been nice just to know that he heard about me and thought that my story was interesting.

But in my last day at work, I was having a lesson, just as usual, and I heard a knock on my classroom door. The door opens and my colleague was there and asked if I could come outside for a moment. I did come out and… Chris Dangerous was there!!! HE WENT TO MY CLASSROOM TO MEET ME!!! We talked for a while, took a picture, I told him the story and he thought it was pretty cool. He is a very nice and kind person and it confirms why The Hives are who they are and why we are proud to be fans of the best band in the world. :P

It’s been a few months now, and I still can’t believe that I met Chris Dangerous, we talked IN SWEDISH!, he saw me working and we took pictures!!! SOOO UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Even more because I always wanted to be a drummer, therefore Chris is a huge role model to me, like my idol.

Now I just hope that someday I can bring my friend Sara to Sweden, that we get to see the whole band in a concert together once again, and if we get lucky, we can meet them and take a picture. It would be perfect!!! And if possible, work with the ninjas for a day… xD

Thanks to The Hives for their music and because even if they don’t realize it, they do change lives with it. They changed ours.

So, I hope that when the new album comes we can see them again, in Sweden or in Mexico, because it’s been a while since 2012… and when they play in Sweden I’m always broke and can’t attend the concert…. xDDD

We miss you guys!!!!

Raphael Rodrigues

Raphael Rodrigues Raphael Rodrigues

Raphael Rodrigues wrote on Nov 17, 2014:

Where: Sao Paulo

When: 17/11/2014

He took my sunglasses and took this nice picture with me!!

Marcela Muñoz

Marcela Muñoz wrote on Nov 06, 2014:

Where: Bogotá-Colombia

When: 04 - 11 - 2014

I just arrived to La Candelaria (Bog) all the way from Santiago de Cali, just to see them that same night at Armando Records.

I was checking in with my dad and with my boyfriend when suddenly...

Pelle and Niklas! passing right by my side!!! I did the only reasonable thing... throw myself at them and ask for a picture!

I also asked for an autograph, but they told me "sure!, tonight in the show" it never happen, but still, the best day ever!

We hugged and set them free... I knew I will see them again.

Pelle sign my t-shirt please!!!

Tom Duell

Tom Duell

Tom Duell wrote on Aug 15, 2014:

Where: BDO Melbourne

When: January 2014

They were playing Hate to say i told you so, and Pelle jumped on the barricades and started high fiving everyone, although i did not receive a high five we did make eye contact it was a romantic moment for the two of us. Then later Chris Dangerous threw his drumstick into the crowd as i saw it near me i leaped, it was a leap of faith, i had jumped onto a fellow Hives lovers back and gone for the catch, at this moment my bad hand-eye coordination went it to full flight the stick bounced straight of my palm and into the man next to me, claiming him the winner of the drumstick. And for extra cred i fought a bear to get to that concert and travelled 300 miles in the back of a randoms van across the dessert for 3 days with no water or food, i am dedicated. I am still waiting for my highfive and drumstick boys i will be waiting. Sincerely your favourite fan TD

J Halmingh

J Halmingh

J Halmingh wrote on May 06, 2014:

Where: Groningen, Bevrijdingsfestival

When: may 5th, 2014

Picture taken at Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen, may 5th 2014. I really like this photo!