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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Andrew G

Andrew G Andrew G

Andrew G wrote on Dec 29, 2008:

Where: Australia, Melbourne (Forum)

When: 29th Decemeber 2008

The lights went down, the song came on and the crowd went berserk.

First met by Nicholaus Arson and his quirky yet seductive manner the crowd went even more... barbaric. We were enslaved by The Hive's command and were told to bring the roof down, and I think we did just that.

The Hives themselves were star-struck in that AC-DC had played at the forum and felt compelled to appease the nature of the stage and for the first time in Hives history played a cover song, live. They played another being "Stormy Weather", during the encore.

The show was simply awesome. Flawless set list, sick crowd, and an incredible delivery.

I got to shake Pelle's hand - too good to be true... got one of Dr. Matt Destruction's pick from a clean-up dude and nearly got a drum stick, thrice (what I would do for a set of them sticks, hahaha!).

So long and thanks for the best memory of my life.

I'll leave you with this sensual photo of Arson 'doing his thing' on a set of suspended speakers (sorry for the crappy phone-camera quality!), and a cool backdrop.

From an avid fan,



Stefanie wrote on Dec 12, 2008:

Where: Home in Switzerland


Well well well... I'm a absolutely crazy Hives fan since a long time, that has to been sayd first.
And wearing t-shirts of them, having patches and cd's is not satisfying enough...

Last year I bought my first car in my life (ok, a really old shit one) and I decided to have a Hives Mobile!

Painted the whole car in black and the Hives Logo on the front!
I loooooooove my car and feel proud to show off the Hives :-P

The car can be seen in Switzerland :-)
Greetings to all of you out there!


Tapia Tapia

Tapia wrote on Nov 24, 2008:

Where: Palacio de los Deportes, México City

When: november 22nd, 2008

when I knew that THE HIVES will come to México I didn't think one second to decide to go. I asked to my parnts an they said yes!!!! in that moment I started to jump and scream in all my house. on saturday 22nd i woke up early an travel by plane nearly 1000 km to México City (because I live far away from there).
I arrived to the Palacio de los Deportes at 1:00 pm. and started to wait(in México City was very cold, arround 10º or 6º, outside from the palacio de los deportes, and inside as well), at 8:00pm I got inside to the location, but the concert start at midnight because THE HIVES was the special guest in the a rock bands contest(rockampeonato).
And then, the moment that I wainted for a long time the lights would tourn off and I just saw the red neon light and hear "A Stroll Through The Hive Manor Corridors", suddenly they appeared and started to play "Hey Little world" in that moment all the people started to jump and scream or sing the song (included me), womans thorwed her bra,Howlin' his tie...and spoke in spanish etc. the time passed very fast 1 hour and 15 minutes later the concert was finishing but they played 3 songs more!!! at the end was 16 songs and a newone!!! my favorite songs were all but spacialy Hate to say I told you so, main offender, walk idiot walk, won't be long, and Tick tick boom (I felt like the big bang was there).
but all good thing came to end... they close the show with Return the Favour nearly 1:30am.
was the first concert in my life and the best one and half hour in my life!!!!!!
I hope to see they in the futue!!!!!
!!!!return to México this is your home!!!!!!!!

tomas dintrans

tomas dintrans

tomas dintrans wrote on Nov 23, 2008:

Where: Santiago, Chile_Teatro Caupolican

When: September 10

Hi Hives!, look the Rolling Stone´s review of your show in Chile! Give me five!

Come Back Soon.


HeatherDawn HeatherDawn

HeatherDawn wrote on Nov 23, 2008:

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live Hollywood California

When: November 20th 2008

Waited in line,Got ALMOST got second row center, Saw you boys perform,were not allowed to take pictures, didnt get to see you after, But it was a Great show as always. 5th time i've had the pleasure of seeing you boys live..can't wait for #6.