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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Nicole Patrício

Nicole Patrício Nicole Patrício

Nicole Patrício wrote on Nov 15, 2008:

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

When: November, 4th

Autographs session.
After some hours, very very anxious, waiting with my sister (Well, let's not change to another story, but this best friend of mine looks just like me and has the SAME name as me), we were ready to enter.
I got a laugh attack when I saw them behind the curtain and when we entered, Chris looked serious at me and I started to jump as a child... hehehe =P

You know when you're ready to meet someone and think of lot of things to say, but in that moment you forget everything? That's exactly what happened. 'You don't even know how I'm nervous' was the ONLY thing I said... =S Then, when my father asked for me to take some pictures with them (he was working there), I gave Howlin' a kiss.
I don't even know how I did that, it was all so fast!

It was an amazing day, that's it. :D (Hey Amanda, we were together in this! o/)

Thank you very very very much, guys. I hope you can come more times to Brazil.
You're awesome!

Nicole Patrício


christophe christophe

christophe wrote on Nov 12, 2008:

Where: paris

When: 2001

back in the days, when you were young and strong...! just find them. this was your first show in paris.

it was f**in' huge !!!!!


christophe beaucourt

Amanda Guedes

Amanda Guedes Amanda Guedes

Amanda Guedes wrote on Nov 09, 2008:

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

When: November 4th and 6th, 2008

November 4th: My dream came true!

I just can't believe! I met The Hives and talked with them!
Got my autographs, my precious picture with Howlin' and with Arson *¬*
(of course I wanted photographs with Matt, Vigilante and Chris, but the camera wasn't mine).

November 6th: The hours pass sloooowly!

I couldn't wait! I want to see them again!
The show at least began.

Suddenly it starts to play A Stroll Through The Hive Manor Corridors
Yeah! The show started!
My first and certainly the best show of my life. Unless you return to Brazil!



First I need to thank you for saving me from the crowd and for worrying If I was ok.

You are a fantastic person. I'll never forget it.

So I also want to thank you for taking my letter with the drawing of The Hives in Brazil dominating the world.

I hope that all members of the band have liked it.
I made with care. =)


Amanda Guedes

Post sriptum: Sorry, I need to improve my English.


Rafael Rafael

Rafael wrote on Nov 02, 2008:

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

When: 10 july 2008

I saw The Hives live here in Portugal, well that was just..THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE xDD
The best part was when Pelle starting talking to a dude saying:"Hey fuck you... you can come to the back stage and I'll fuck you up... I might look skinny, but I can fuck you up!" hahahaha
that was so funny OMFG x)

well I hope that you came back to Portugal some day

The Hives FTW!! lml

Filip "Hallonmuffinen"


Filip "Hallonmuffinen" wrote on Oct 29, 2008:

Where: Peace&Love, Borlänge, Dalarna, Sverige

When: 26:e juni 2008

Det var en varm sommmardag i juni, festival, The Hives på scen. Kan det bli bättre? Ja, det kan det. The Hives på scenen, och en jävla massa röj! Jag och dom andra stod och trängdes mot mittstaketet, det hade redan varit slagsmål. Vi väntade,och helt plötsligt så kommerkostymmän ut på scenen och musik ur högtalarna! JÄSS! Mitt under konsären springer Pelle ut i mittgången, alla vill nudda honom, jag skallar nästan honom, på grund av trycket. Jag måste säga: Pelle, du har fast röv! Men ialla fall. Även om jag inte träffade er efteråt så fick jag sjukt bra kort på Pelle!
Kom till Göteborg snart! Jag längtar efter att få se er igen!
Puss så länge!