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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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mauricio correa

mauricio correa mauricio correa

mauricio correa wrote on Oct 03, 2008:

Where: Santiago, Chile

When: 10 de Sep. 2008

fue una alegria inmensa saber que por fin The Hives pisaria tierras chilenas. desde que supe la noticia pense en la idea de hacerles un regalo para que recordaran que aqui somos muchos los fans que los siguen desde su inicio como na banda excelente de rock! ...como era epoca de fiestas patrias pense en regalarles nuestra bandera y decidi pintarles sus rostros en ella. cuando se incio el concierto en el teatro caupolican decidi tirar la bandera para que alguno de la banda (principalmente howlin) la tomara, pero uno de los asistentes de la banda la saco inmediatamente del escenario, haciendo que mi deseo se frustrara por completo. luego de haber disfrutado del concierto, quise recuperar la bandera y hacer lo imposible para poder entragarcelas en la mano. en conciertos anteriores, sabia mas o menos donde estaban ubicados los grupos despues de finalizar el concierto. asi es que me dirigi hacia ese costado y espere con paciencia la oportunidad para entragarcela. despues de mas de una hora, mi sueño se cumplio y la bandera fue entregada con mucho exito a Vigilate Carlstroem, quien me dio un abrazo por mi presente...

Gracias The Hives por entregar su musica llena de energia a nuestras vidas!!!!

nunca olvidare aquel dia...



Nancy wrote on Oct 01, 2008:

Where: Austin, Texas

When: September 16, 2008

I have never met the Hives in person but boy have I met their music!!!!!

They are to these ancient rock-music-loving ears one of the most musical punk/garage rock bands I've EVER heard.....and I've spent 2 weeks checking out every video I can find

seems other bands I listen to are just downright boring after listening to this brilliant band!

What drew me to the Hives was the first video I saw on one of the MTV channels that actually plays music, "Two Timing Touch & Broken Bones"...loved the "uniforms" and noticed in particular not just the Howlin' Pelle's shenanigans (which are very entertaining I admit) but the
completely dedicated attitude of the Great Vigilante Carlstroem!!!! how he & the others had such TIGHT TIGHT precision in their playing, what a powerful sound!!

Hope Vig & Pelle are feeling better, heard they were under the weather


bernna bernna

bernna wrote on Sep 29, 2008:

Where: buenos aires, argentina

When: september 13,2003

Buenas,conozco a "the hives" aproximadamente hace ya unos 5 años, son de esas bandas que escucho todos los dias,aveses suele escuchar ciertos temas repetidamente,y nunca pense que vendria a tocar a mi pais por la simple razon de ser una banda que nacio de la otra punta del mundo, y ver la cara de la muchachos(estoy hablando de "The Hives") al ver la reaccion de los fans argentinos,tan contentos de ver a la banda que como yo nunca pensaron verian en vivo en sus tierras,no tiene precio alguno. Fue un dia memorable en mi vida,espero con ansias el refreso,asi como las otras 2.999 personas que vivieron lo mismo que yo esa noche.
un saludo muy grande a ustedes muchachos q tan buena musica nos dan



Julie Julie

Julie wrote on Sep 29, 2008:

Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: Sept 25, 2008

This is the second show I have seen The Hives. I was late but didnt want to be early. I came just in time to see Eagles of Death Metal. Seeing the Hives again made my heart complete and joyful. Listenin to them makes my day. Pelle came to the left side of the audience and he held my hand for a bit which was nice. After the show, I meet all the member individually. One of the best shows I have ever attended. Meeting Howlin' Pelle was a pleasure, even tho he was exhausted and sick, I made him smile and laugh for a bit. I thanked him too for the best night of my life. His reply, "Thank you for coming out." I even mentioned to him when he played guitar, (absence of Vigilante), in Ventura. Best night too. Overall, great!!


Sal Sal

Sal wrote on Sep 27, 2008:

Where: Los Angeles California

When: September 25th 2008

So i bought tickets to the Eagles of Death Metal and Hives concert for my friend's birth date. We were about 6 hours early but were the first in line to go in. At the end of the show we stayed around to try and get a set list i got signed. the first band member to come out after the show was Howlin' Pelle. He was very nice and i was able to get his autograph for the list. The second member to come out was Matt. he also gave me his autograph plus a little surprise. He asked me if i wore a size nine and a half which took me by surprise. I answered " something like that" so he handed me over a pair of shoes and signed them. all of the other members with the exception of vigilante Carlstroem signed the shoes. with out a doubt, this show was the best ever.