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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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felicitas felicitas

felicitas wrote on Sep 15, 2008:

Where: In Buenos Aires

When: 13th of September

It was also my first time to see the Hives live. I got to say you gus rocked Buenos Aires, even though the Argentinians really are a bit obsessive with their football,when they started shouting "ole,ole deee hives" I have to say their pronounciations was very funny...I think every foreigner,who went to the show will agree with me on this one.
However, it has to be said the show you guys performed was amazing. And for me it was definately one of the best concerts ever, cuz no matter where you were standing you could see everything due to the sheer average size of argentinians,but my highlight was standing in the front row as a relativly short european blond girl in the middle of tiny, all black haired argentinians with the Argentinian girls, all shouting in a choir: "Pelle I want to fck you" was for sure an experience...
Keep the amazing shows up, and the rest of the world will enjoy them as much as I did!
See you soon:-)

Karla Durán

Karla Durán Karla Durán

Karla Durán wrote on Sep 15, 2008:

Where: Teatro Caupolicán Venue (Santiago, Chile)

When: September 10th, 2008

well, it was my very first hives gig, I was really excited. my favourite band live! in my own country! but I didn't have the money to buy ONE ticket! not a single dollar! it was the week before the concert, and I was really scared. I was setting things up (with the hives chilean community) to welcome you guys, but I was so afraid that I was going to miss your show. so a friend, who lives veeery far away from this city, she lend me the money so I can buy my ticket :) and then, like two days before the concert, a chilean radio station tells me that I won a ticket haha, it was pretty funny. so from having no ticket, I ended up having two! I gave the extra ticket to my boyfriend haha.

well, the day before the concert, the band arrived to Chile about 2 pm. I couldn't go to the airport cause we didn't know the exact time of the arrival, so we decided not to go. instead we went to a radio station where they were going to have an interview about 7 pm. I arrived there at 4 pm and waited forever! about 6 pm my friends started to arrive with our hives banner: a huuuge white banned that read: "the hives rule our world! - chile" it was pretty awesome. we had everything ready: cameras, cds, dvds, the banner, our faces! haha and then... 7 pm... a white van is coming... oh looord it's the hives!!!! howlin is saying hello through the window. I can see Chris smiling, and then Matt... so awesome!!! then went inside the radio station, and we were left outside haha, but before going right inside, howlin said to us that they'll be back after the interview for a few photos and stuff. we couldn't believe it! we waited about then minutes outside, trying to listen to the radio, but it was impossible! then, after 15 minutes the band came down, saying hello to us! I remember Chris smoking with a lot of style haha, it was funny. the band signed our stuff, got a loooot of pictures, so nice!!!! even a picture with all the fans and our banner, we were so grateful. they were really nice also, talked to us and answered all of our questions, thank you! then they left, and we couldn't believe it... we met the hives!!!!

the next day it was amazing. I woke up at 6 am, got to the venue about 8:30 and waited there, I wanted to be in front of howlin and no one was going to take that away from me. we had breakfast there, lunch, played cards, laugh a lot, took pictures, got nervious... I just can't describe how it feels to wait for the hives abour 14 hours sitting on the street haha. then they opened the gates about 7 pm, to hours before the concert. I run and run and run and there! I can see howlin' mic and I'm in front of it! first line! oh my goooood! it was full, every sit, every little space. the venue was coming down, and then...

matt! then vigilante! arson! chris! and finally howlin! onstage! amazing!!! hey little world! "hello santiago!" I was just hysteric. I couldn't ask for nothing else. I sang every song, every riff, every chord. I smiled at vigilante when no one was watching. I screamed "Arson!" till my throat starter to melt. I was listening to my favourite song live (aka idiot), he was singing it to meee (hahaha i wish). howlin forgot the lyrics for You Dress Up..., it was hilarious. I don't know, everything was perfect! I got a pick from Arson, and Howlin' setlist. I got a hug from my favourite band. I spent the best time of my life with my friends and the best band ever! thank you guys!!!!

you definitely rule Chile!!!

Karla :)

Johanna A.

Johanna A. Johanna A.

Johanna A. wrote on Sep 15, 2008:

Where: Globen Annexet, W.T.A.I and Grönan

When: december 07, june and august 08

Well the concert in december was my first one ever and it BLEW MY SHOES OFF! They were great and i did´nt wanna leave!(fell in löve, FOh REAL YAO!)

The one on Where The Action Is was GREAT too and it felt pretty nice to look behind me and realising that among these thousands I was right next to the stage watching The Wizards perform. It was´nt until afterwards that i felt the pain in my back and neck becouse of the jumping and the pushing crowd, but that´s the price you pay for some true happiness!

The third and last time I saw them was on the Grönalunds 125th year anniversary and I was very ill and had a fever, sooore throat and coughed alot but of course i had to go!(It´s not every day you get the opportunity if you know what i mean). Again me and my sister magically ended up right by the stage behind two short girls which created a great view for us, yum! And as always The Royal ones owned the shit out of Stockholm (even though they apperently also had some illness going on)and i will never forget it!!! The Hives is truly my (and my sisters(since the beginning)) favourite band and they will be until the destruction of the universe. Love You Gulleponkar!!!


Javi Javi

Javi wrote on Sep 14, 2008:

Where: Santiago CHILE!

When: Sept 9th, 2008

They were playing in Santiago, and i was counting the days... the day of the concert finally came and it was AWESOME.
I have no idea why or how, but manage to get backstage... definitely the luckiest day of my life.
Near the bathroom there was a door and a bodyguard, and like 5 or 6 ppl waiting outside the RESTRICTED AREA sign... I just decided to stay there and take a look, and somebody came out and said "ok guys, just wait for a bit and we'll let 10 more people in".
5 mins after i was inside hugging the guys and congratulating them for such an incredible concert. I couldnt take many pics since i was running out of battery, but i still took a couple of good ones.
But then, like it wasnt enough so far, i was lucky enough to be invited to a private after party by Chris Dangerous who i think is the cutest guy ever *_* (Im sorry guys you're all cute, but i have to say Chris stole my heart lol)
So i got this bar and there was somebody waiting at the door and let us in. After a while the guys arrived, talked to them, had drinks together and it was lots of fun :)
Hope you guys enjoyed your stay in chile and had a good time!
Hope to see you again soon!!!


sofy and donna

sofy and donna

sofy and donna wrote on Sep 14, 2008:

Where: Argentina

When: 13 of September

The history was like that, we went to the recital of the Hives on September 13, 2008. One of the best recitals to which I went ... at the end of the recital, Pelle extracts the shirt, after averse extracted the outdoor one, etc ..., the strip to the public, I treat her of it(he,she) takes hold, but a man start to saying - is my outdoor, is my outdoor ...!! - then give up it, and to the second one I realize that it was a lie, he(she) said it only to be able to take to him(you,them) only the beautiful shirt ...: (I feel silly!! .. but equal .. the recital estubo spectacular!!