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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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patrice jeandor

patrice jeandor wrote on Sep 05, 2008:

Where: a camping flight to lowlands paradise

When: august 17, 2008

I got infected, but no I've never met them, and maybe at that time it was for the best... I can hear you wonder why and why then should I post here... I feel the need to tel my story and maybe this is the best place for it. I'll take you back the lowlands festival 2008. My first ever 3 day festival. as I hate large crowds but love live music, I was finally convinced to go. And i was having a blast. By sunday I was wrung out but still having fun. My friends told me to check out the hives. so i went, I was leaning against a pillar when 5 men came on stage. I heard the singer yell that he wanted to see us move and I remember thinking that they better show me something first, halfway through the first song I was bobbing my head and by the end of the second song I was dancing like a mad woman, all fatigue forgotten and then all to soon, it was over... what had happened here? I was totally buzzed and excited. As my friends and I left the tent I have a vague memory that it was raining and that people where talking to me but it all seemed so unimportant. My mind kept drifting back to those 5 men and their electrifying show. The screams of the singer and the guitars still ringing in my ears and my heart beating to the drums of that pulsating rock beat. I maneged to make it through the rest of the day without my friends noticing what was happening to me and later that night I found an excuse to go to my tent. The alcohol and yes I'll admit some other stimuli had less effect on me than what I had seen on stage. alone in my tent I tried to calm down but that night "the hives" haunted my dreams. When I got home next day I remembered to make some obligatory phone call to family members, but I cut all conversations short and while i played veni, vidi, vicious (I bought it at the festival) I hit the Internet. I had to find out more about this amazing band, these men who where taking over my mind. I spent 3 days glued to my computer. My friends and family started to worry because I could not make them understand. I was devastated to find that it would be impossible for me to see then live again some time soon. I ordered more cd's and I think it might get me through. I'm now waiting for my copy of tussles in Brussels as an additional coping mechanism. And as my life returns to some semblance of normalcy, I think it was better for my own sanity that I did not meet "the hives" that day as it would have been to much of a good thing.
In short guys: You where amazing and the next time you're in/near the Netherlands, I'll be there.

Lluís Català

Lluís Català Lluís Català

Lluís Català wrote on Sep 04, 2008:

Where: Senglar Rock Lleida



Just esnjoy the picks as I enjoyed the gig, It´s the only way I found to send you pictures, congratulations for everything, you´re a big influence for the bands of Catalunya, Viva THE HIVES

Jens Wickström

Jens Wickström Jens Wickström

Jens Wickström wrote on Sep 03, 2008:

Where: Gröna Lund, Stockholm

When: 2008-08-31

När jag och mina polare klev in på Grönan för att se hives för femte gången, fick vi ett positivt och oväntat välkomnande av självaste Chris Dangerous. Han välkomnade oss in till "hans park". Ett stort ögonblick i mitt liv =)

Väl inne på Grönan väntade vi i ca 2 ½ timme för att få se världens skönaste liveband från första parkett (som vanligt).

Jag tycker inte att jag behöver summera konserten, för hives är ju trots allt hives. Inte så mycket mer att säga. Dock måste jag berömma pelles masshypnos som fick igång grönans ganska tråkiga publik!

Tack för en helt SJUKT BRA konsert. Vi ses nästa gång ni spelar i Sverige (om ni inte spelar i Kiruna och liknande nordhålor).

//jens med de visa hängslerna


maya wrote on Sep 01, 2008:

Where: bari

When: 23 august

I'm maya i'm working to l'acqua in testa festival in bari(south italy).
i want to send you the wonderful photos of your show. great night, and great performance. thank you for all!
ps. this is the link for your photos


Valentina Valentina

Valentina wrote on Aug 28, 2008:

Where: BARI- L'acqua in testa

When: 23agosto2008

Premetto: in non parlo inglese, quindi scriverò italiano... Ho visto gli HIVES per la prima volta a Bari e per fortuna ho anche avuto l'onore di poterli vedere in prima fila e di poter vedere Howlin da vicino che è più bello che in tv!Howlin you are very beautyful boy and I love you! hahhahahaha!!!! good luck!!!!