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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Jonny Cantrell

Jonny Cantrell Jonny Cantrell

Jonny Cantrell wrote on Jun 23, 2008:

Where: Roseland theater Portland, Oregon

When: 2/21/08

I was going to go see The Hives open for Maroon 5 in the fall. Unfortunately Maroon 5 cancelled their Portland show. The Friday when Maroon 5 were supposed to perform I heard that The Hives were going to be playing at the Crystal Ballroom, but I could not make that show.

Being a disappointed Hives fan was not by any means something I was happy about. In December I heard that The Hives were coming back to Portland in February. I bought tickets right away.

When the show came around I was very excited, considering The Hives are my favorite band ever. I got to the show early to get right in front of the stage, despite other fans behind me getting upset because of my height.

The show started and the crowd started bouncing up and down and getting into the music. Howlinl’ Pelle helped create a great vibe for the whole show. My friend and I were singing along with all the songs and having a blast, both of us thought it could not get any better, but it did.

My friend and I started yelling at Dr. Matt Destruction and Vigilante Carlstoem during break in-between songs. Dr. Matt Destruction heard me shouting at the top of my longs and he threw me his pick. I was so happy once I got that pick I put it in my pocket for no one to take it.

The show went on and it was a blast. My friend and I were still trying to get Vigilante attention by yelling at him. He finally noticed us and tossed us his pick. My friend got it from the bouncer in front of us. Both of us were in heaven because we knew it could not be more amazing then this.

The show kept on going with Pelle all over the place, he came over to us jumping on us and shaking out hands. His brother, Nicholaus Arson came right in front of my friend and was staring us down with his wide eyes. We stuck our hands out to see if we could even reach Nicholaus. Nicholaus then stuck his hand out right in front of me I leaned over to shake his hand and he moved his hand right behind his head laughing at me. Luckily Nicholaus was a nice guy and a second later gave me a handshake.

At this point I’ve been in contact with all members of The Hives except for Chris Dangerous. My goal the whole night was to get a drumstick from Mr. Dangerous so I could give it to the girl I liked. The show’s encore finished and I was still without a drumstick, Chris Dangerous knocked over his bass drum where all of his sticks fell out, he picked one up and threw it in towards the crowd. I saw it flying right above my head. I jumped up and the drumstick stumbled in my hand until I could finally get a hold of it.

Although I did not formally meet any of the members of The Hives, the memories of that concert will be ever lasting. If it were not for The Hives I would not be currently dating my girlfriend. In a sense this is to say, Thank you Hives and Chris Dangerous for throwing your drumstick out in the crowd so I could give it to the girl I liked.

Keep ruling the world!

Malin Ekman

Malin Ekman Malin Ekman

Malin Ekman wrote on Jun 23, 2008:

Where: Sweden- Hultsfred

When: June 13 2008

I sat down with my sister and friend when I suddenly saw two, nearly identical asses, dressed the same in stripes. My head started to spin when I thought that I recognize them. My eyes started to move higher up on their body, when I suddenly saw that my head was right, it was Pelle and Arson from The Hives.

I ran after them and I felt like a little girl, my voice tremble, my lips were smiling and my eyes felt like golf balls. I had seen them live before, but not in person. My day was full field!

Later I went on the concert, standing in the front row, screaming to the songs..

Thank you! Hope to see you again! You all rock!

/ Malin

Sara Small Town

Sara Small Town

Sara Small Town wrote on Jun 22, 2008:

Where: Öregrund Sweden

When: 22 June 2008

I saw Pelle and Niklas in Öregrund eating dinner (pizza) and after dinner taking of with the boat out in the archipelago.

Loved The Hives concert in Stockholm 14 of June. You were great!

/Sara Small Town


Hartley wrote on Jun 16, 2008:

Where: Fargo

When: may 19

The fist song I ever heard was 'Hate To Say I Told You So' ever since then i've been hooked. I had heard that you guys had been called "the best live band on the planet" so i could'nt keep myself from going and finding out for myself.

I now know that touching Pelle is an experience that i will never forget. 303 people came to that amazing concert, and im proud to say that everyone that i talked with after the show was as awe struck as i was. I was right at the front to the stage left. Being that close i was able to see all of Arsons guitar playing.(AMAZING!!) I guess all that i can say is that this concert fulilled my wildest dreams. YOU GUYS ARE "THE BEST LIVE BAND ON THE PLANET" please come again. --Hartley


Chris Chris

Chris wrote on Jun 16, 2008:

Where: München, Germany

When: 03/04/08

Well, 3 month’s ago I enjoyed, of course, the best concert I’ve ever seen!!! Wohooo – The Hives in München! I think it was a really good show – nice audience, great band and chris’ stick in my hands – bathed in sweat!! YEAH THE HIVES ARE LAW – YOU ARE CRIME! After the show I got the chance to meet the hives at their tourbus to make some photos with the band and, best of all, to drink a beer with them particularly with “danny” (I hope this is his really name), the man with the Czech Republic cap ;) (you got my sign)! Well, all in all it was the very best concert of my whole life and I’m looking forward to see The Hives in Erfurt, Germany at the Highfield Festival and hopefully in Berlin or Dresden on their next tour! I wanna meet you again because there are so many question, I’ve forgotten to ask! So finally you can see some pic’s with the band and from the concert!!! Please enjoy and, if you have, take the chance to see them live in concert!
This is your biggest fan, Chris!
PS: “Man with the Czech-Republic-Cap” write me a mail if you read that.. Maybe in summer I travel to Sweden so we can meet to have some beer (or whiskey cola) :D! (My email address is So hopefully see you soon maybe also on Highfield Festival in August!…. It was a nice evening!