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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Kayla Zimmermann

Kayla Zimmermann Kayla Zimmermann

Kayla Zimmermann wrote on Mar 24, 2008:

Where: The Kool Haus in Toronto

When: March 3 2008

I met Pelle and Chris while waiting in the line for their concert, at the Kool Haus in Toronto. I was so stunned when they walked over to our line (where I had been waiting with three friends for a few hours). At first I did not even believe it was them! (No wayyyy The Hives are icons, they could not be standing infront of me!!) Then I realized that it was definately Pelle and Chris, and I managed to walk up to them (in my state of shock) and get Pelle's autograph, and pictures with both of them. They were really cool guys (no surprise there,) really nice and laid back. And of course, obscenely handsome. I think I fell in love with Chris Dangerous... No joke.
The actual concert was just as incredible. We were very lucky to be very front and center. They put on a show like no one else on the planet. It was one of the best nights of my life, no doubt. The Hives really do rule the world. Both Pelle and Nicholaus came into the audience...we frisked them of course. (Sorry about that, guys..if you read this. We could not resist.)
Anyway, I cried after the show, and even the next day when I was telling people about the show. Big tears. That's just how overwhelming it all was. Ever since March 3rd, the Hives own my soul.

Thanks, The Hives! Please come back to Toronto, so you can once again destroy our city with rock. We Miss you already!



Michaela wrote on Mar 14, 2008:

Where: Newport Airport USA

When: March 13, 2008


This was my last day in New York and I was going home to sweden.
I was sad about that I never had got a ticket to the Hives concert I NYC march 7, they where sold out before I knew I was going to new york..
I'm still sad about that.

But anyhow, when I came to the airport and there were just a few minutes before I should board the plane I saw someone that I recognized, It was Howlin Pelle Almqvist from the hives !
I didn't know what to do, I was so happy to see him, and there was only a few minutes left before boarding.
I decided to say hi, no matter how smashing red I was in my face (I never use to be that) but otherwise I should regret it for the rest of my life!

Well I went to him and there he sat alone, he looked a bit tired and with the banana on his knee
"you are the singer in the Hives, right?"
my first question was stupid.. Of course it was you! I had seen that for a long time ago :D

Even tough he seemed tired he gave me a little time, he was really nice
I took this picture and I got a note

Pelle Almqvist, THE HIVES
written in swedish

Afterwards I was so happy, I felt a little better about that I have missed their concert. I have met the great singer

we obviosly sat on the same plan all the way home to Sweden.
Back in stockholm I saw him again in the luggage compartment, he is really cute and I looked at him many times,haha
He seemed very restless
Sadly I got my luggage before him and I couldnt stay

men men..Tack Pelle, hoppas verkligen att jag får
träffa dig igen

jag ser fram emot att se The Hives i sommar,
det kommer bli grymt
precis som 4 december

Love your music



Jim wrote on Mar 12, 2008:

Where: Minneapolis

When: Feb. 28

I arrived early for the First Avenue show to get a good spot up front for both The Donnas and The Hives, making a quick stop to get a t-shirt, only to find no XXLs, so I bought a patch and prepared for the show.

The Donnas were great, and The Hives blew the place apart. During his first foray onto the railing separating the stage from the crowd, Pelle used my outstretched right arm to steady himself as he sang to the wild crowd.

Then, probably sensing my disappointment over the lack of a sizeable t-shirt, Vigilante threw his tie into the crowd, right where I could grab it. I tied it around my neck for the rest of the show, and will treasure it always.

Thanks Vigilante, for the great souvenir, and to The Hives for a tremendous show. Please come back again and again.

Joacim & Stina

Joacim & Stina Joacim & Stina

Joacim & Stina wrote on Mar 12, 2008:

Where: Monterrey, Mexico

When: 14th of Feb 2008

One the day of love, The Hives came to Monterrey Mexico. Both of us are from Sweden(north and the happy Gothenburg) and are studying here i Mexico since last fall.
When we heard that Swedens, sorry, the worlds best live band were planning to play in Monterrey, we both bought tickets at the same second and then it was two months of waiting.

Finally the day came.. We had both flunked the Spanish test earlier that day, but none of us didn´t really care. It was time for crime with the hives!!!
All our Mexican friends came along with us and after the show each one of them had their new favorite band.
While our friends were in chock after the gig, Stina and I were able to be backstage with the guys from Fagersta.

It was nice to speak some swedish after all those months in Mexico. Extra fun was to hear that the guys still have their special accent (hard to explain what it sounds like...)
The guys was very relaxed but a bit tiered after the gig (and probably jet-leg). We talked about Stinas brothers old girlfriend, the water-ski school in Fagersta and other really important stuff.

At the moment when we where suppose to take a picture my batteries in my camera died, but the hives mexican-booker, thanx Chester, took a pic (very very blurry, but better than nothing) that we share with you all.

Saludos de Mexico


James James

James wrote on Mar 05, 2008:

Where: Montreal,Qc

When: March 4,2008

I had been waiting for this concert for 5 years now and there was it! I even had made a custom Hives suit identical to their schoolboy uniform, just for the occasion.

I arrived at the venue in the afternoon and saw Chris behind it.He waved at me and seemed all giddy because of my suit, he even asked for a picture. He was really nice and he told me some trivia about their outfits.

Later on , I saw Pelle walking down the street and quickly took a picture with him. He was a gentleman and I noticed he was taller than I imagined..around 6'2.

Then came the show. It went beyond my expectations, it was mental.They played all my favorites and it was better than all those live youtube videos.I even grabbed 2 Arson plectrum,1 drumstick and a setlist. However, I almost fainted because of the heat and had to cool off a bit after the show...

Now, I don't have any voice left and I need to take my suit to the dry cleaner...anyway, it was really worth it!!

Thanks the Hives, please come back before 2010!