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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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James c. lynch

James c. lynch James c. lynch

James c. lynch wrote on Mar 05, 2008:

Where: Montreal,Qc

When: March 4,2008

I had been waiting for this show for 5 years now, and there was the big day. I even had made a custom made Hives suit only for this occasion.

I arrived in the afternoon and was lucky to spot Chris D behind the venue.I just passed by and he waved at me and told me he wanted a picture because of my suit. I chatted a bit with him and learned a few things about their costumes and tour.He was super nice.

Later on I saw Pelle walking down the street and quickly took a pic with him. He was a gentleman and tall...6'2!

Finally the show went beyond my expectations. It was 1000xtimes better than those live youtube video and seemed to last only 10 minutes.I was lucky enough to grab 2 Nicholaus plectrum, a drumstick and a setlist. Even though the show was amazing, the crowd was one of the worst I ever experienced and I got bruised and felt sick because of the heat.

Now, I need to get this suit to the dry cleaner and take a tylenol....really worth it!

Thanks the Hives, please come back in less than 6 years from now!

Rafe Allen

Rafe Allen

Rafe Allen wrote on Mar 05, 2008:

Where: The Riviera Theater Chicago

When: Febuary 29th 2008

I'm 13 and the Hives were my first concert ever! And it was probably the BEST concert ever. I got out of school in Appleton WI with my three friends at lunch. The three hour drive to Chicago was great and I listened to the hives all the way. It took us two hours to find our hotel but that was cool. We got to the Riviera at 7:30 exactly and the Donnas opening was a great way to start. Then when the hives started playing was when the party really started. Me and my friends were freikin pumped. And when Chris played the bass drum it was so loud it was like being defibrulated by Shakeil O'neill (excuse my butchering of the last few sentances). I think I'm spoiled after seein the most amazing concert ever. And by the way, Pelle, you are soooo buff i could hardly beleive you could move. And if Hives isn't Swedish for the best band ever my name isn't whatever it is. And so the best band ever, if you ever come back to the U.S come back to Chicago. Thanks for the best concert EVER.



Drew wrote on Mar 05, 2008:

Where: Chicago, Illinois

When: Feb. 29th, 2008

I've been a fan of the Hives since I saw them play Walk Idiot Walk on Letterman a few years ago. Got a chance to see them at the Metro last fall, but I couldn't get to the show. Read on the site that the Hives were announcing more dates, and sure enough there was another Chicago show! I bought tickets the second they went on sale, and counted down the days. I got there and was about the seventh row, in front of Nick, and managed to fight my way up to about the second row by the end of the show. The highlight was when Pelle made one of his frequent forays into the crowd, and grabbed my outstretched hand. My ears rung for days. I've been grinning ever since. Fantastic show, come back to Chicago soon!

David B

David B David B

David B wrote on Mar 05, 2008:

Where: Agora Theater Cleveland Ohio

When: Sunday March 2nd, 2008

You heard from a 13 year old who had never been to a concert before. I am very possibly the oldest person who was at your show at the Agora and I've seen plenty. It is no small thing for us to get to a concert. My son (16) and daughter (19) and I (50's) flew to the mainland from our island home at Put-in-Bay (Google it) on a six seat airplane and then drove 50 miles to see your band. We arrived early and we got a kick out of seeing you guys come and go from your bus as we sat in the parking lot. Even I was getting excited. We got in as soon as the doors opened and we were right up at the stage. Do you remember seeing an old guy right up front? That would be me. The show was GREAT. I thought I was over the whole standing room only concert thing, but I was yelling, jumping, and hopping around the entire time. I even have a couple bruises as do my kids. You put on a show like I haven't seen in many years. Every member of the band is first class. To see young guys who play rock and roll is a real treat. Thanks for the extra encore song too. We managed to get some great souvenirs (besides the bruises), guitar picks from Dr. Matt, Vigilante, and Nicholaus. My only disappointment was not getting any of the drumsticks from Chris because I myself am a drummer. He was excellent. Anyone who has the chance to see you guys play should not miss it. If you ever get out to Put-in-Bay we'll be happy to show you around. Long live rock and roll.



Lauren wrote on Mar 04, 2008:

Where: Cleveland Ohio

When: March 2nd, 2008

I am 13 years old and i have never been to a concert before. My mom was looking at dates at the Agora and saw that they Hives and the Donnas were gonna be there. I was like ohmygosh! this is my chance to see the hives! I ended up getting tickets four days before the concert. I was in the front row, and the show was absolutly amazing! i had a speaker right in front of me so Pelle and Nicholaus would walk in front of us! I got to touch both their hands!! I was like this is soo crazy awsome, and i couldn't stand still. Pelle is a guy with a great sense of humor and they are all so nice looking ;) . The best part though was when Nicholas actually "handed" me his guitar pick!!! i almost died, hah. The concert was unbeleivable and it made me appreciate The Hives music soo much! That was like the ideal first concert for anyone! I love you guys and can't wait to see you next time you are in town! (Definatly play the Agora again!)

Thanks for being my favorite band EVER! :D

PS: When/if you see this, E-mail me please!!!