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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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vaaLhowilin wrote on Oct 16, 2010:

Where: mexico

When: octubre



Victor Victor

Victor wrote on Aug 02, 2010:

Where: Putte i Parken

When: 31 Juli 2010

Jag, Min flickvän Sofia och våran dotter Tilde var på Putte i Parken 2010. När vi kollade på Bruket (vilket var jääävligt bra) stog alla i Hives (utom chris tror jag) i publiken så när Bruket hade spela klart gick jag fram först till Nicke och sen till Pelle och fråga om det gick bra att ta en bild tillsammans med Tilde, vilket gick bra. Efter fottandet prata jag lite snabbt med Pelle som undrade vad Tilde hette och sen fråga jag om dom inte kunde spela King Of Asskissing men den hade dom inte spelat på 10 år haha.
Men fan så glad man blev när dom drog av Get together to tear it apart och sen A.K.A I-D-I-O-T!


Karin wrote on Jul 25, 2010:

Where: London, Hard Rock Calling

When: 25 June 2010

First time I saw The Hives was in 2008, at the Werchter festival, Belgium. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about; I thought they were a bunch of boasters. And although my sister didn’t share my opinion and said they were really good, I hated them. Perhaps lying in the grass and watching them from the other end of the festival site was not such a good idea… Their ‘vibes’ didn’t reach me :-)

25 June 2010. At Hard Rock Calling festival, London, I went to see my favourite band, Pearl Jam. Got my fan club ticket and wrist band, and was able - not to stand front row :-( but - to get a good spot at the ‘middle row’ on the barrier, some 10 meters from front row. But from my point of view, this was front row seen from the middle ;-)

First came 4 support acts until finally PJ performed.
Support act one and two were okay to look and listen at, but nothing spectacular. Then number 3 came, those dreadful Hives again. When I first heard they replaced Wolfmother on the main stage, I wasn’t very happy. And I really was determined not to watch the whole show, because I don’t like these kind of performances, but I have to admit that I was sooooo wrong! (some Hate to say I told you so came to my mind)

Their singer promised a 40 minute orgasm, so it all started hopeful ;-). I immediately realized this was a band you have to see up close to get in the mood… And did I get an up-close look!!! The singer – Pelle – I heard him say his name several times, so I won’t forget :-) climbed upon the barriers various times, in front, at the middle, as far as his microphone cable could bring him. I felt sorry for the guy who had to arrange those cables over and over again… Declare Guerre Nucleaire - Main Offender - Bad Call - Civilizations Dying - Try It Again - Hate To Say I Told You So passed in review…

During Walk Idiot Walk I saw Pelle walking by, going as far as he could in the middle section, then climbing on the barrier my side and getting closer and closer until… he stopped right in front of me and decided to climb over and sing next to me!!! And stupid me, I froze and took one step back to let him pass instead of touching his sexy sweaty Swedish body! (btw: ridiculous white stockings, but wow what calf muscles!) Some silly guys in the crowd behind me got hold of the microphone and shouted ‘Pelle! Pelle!’, and then he was gone again :-(. He thanked us on his way out for leaving him some space, and said he walked into the crowd to get the show from our perspective… I hope he liked the view as much as I did…

Afterwards, everything went Tick Tick Boom for me…

And the 40 minutes orgasm? I think it rather was a 40 second one ;-)

I could have made the most of this moment, in retrospect. I must admit now that I was busy taking pictures of all this, otherwise I would have thought afterwards this had all been a dream. And, now I can also use them for the Twitpic photo contest, haha!

It wasn’t my intention to make a review from my text, but it seemed it turned a little bit into one…
This is what a band should be: not standing like salt pillars on stage, but moving around a lot, having (lots of) interaction with the audience…

Hope to see you guys in Belgium real soon!!! No tussles in Brussels, but a fine event in Ghent!!! :-)

And Pearl Jam? Their performance was great, too :-)


Stefab wrote on Jul 01, 2010:

Where: TV

When: 2007

It was the middle of the summer 2007. bored as hell watching tv and there it goes.a music report on my now number one favourite band. it was tick tick boom that was playing. oh lord, why didnt i discover you way before that.well i didnt have the internet as i was on summer vacation and i instantly wrote your name and the name of Tick Tick Boom in my notebook. as soon as i came home i typed in the hives in youtube and came up all of your wonderful hits. started downloading your songs and then i realized, you are too good to be downloaded so i purchased couple of your albums and your dvd, still missing a few but they will all be purchased for your divine sound. you were in Croatia once, but i didnt know about you then, i beg you to coem again. ASAP. :DDDDDDDD


Celeste Celeste

Celeste wrote on Jun 28, 2010:

Where: Porto Alegre - Brasil

When: 08 september 2008

Hello dears! we folow your "van" after the show, until the hotel Plaza, and talk to you guys, and we take some pictures together... it was wondefull! that show was so amazing too! we love you!!! come back to Porto Alegre!!! at the photo:(left to right) Brenda, Lais, Celeste (me), and Letícia! WE ARE A BAND! THE ROCK LEGS!( kisses!!! Céli!