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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Danielle Denha

Danielle Denha Danielle Denha

Danielle Denha wrote on Feb 14, 2008:

Where: St. Andrews/ Detroit/ Michigan

When: July 25, 2004

I found out the Hives were coming and I thought all my dreams came true. I had been listening to them for about two years at the time and their lyrics defined my life and the person I am. My goal in life was to go to their concert. I'm from Detroit and I figured they weren't going to come to the U.S. for a while. I found out they were coming and boom, I had a reason to live. I found out a random record shop was giving out posters for the concert with a ticket purchase. I immediately went and began conversation with the clerk behind the counter. He mentioned they were holding a thing where you could win two tickets to the concert and meet the band. He said I should sign up and I figured I had no shot, but he convinced me.

Two weeks before the concert I get a call in the morning. Distressed from waking up to this call I heard a lovely voice saying I had won two tickets to the concert. I asked if I had won to meet the band because I was their biggest fan. She said it hadn't been determined. I asked if she would call me if I didn't win so I wouldn't be wondering all day. She said would. I then go to work.

Hours later. I got it. I won. I won the chance to meet The Hives. I've never won anything till that day.

Before I met them I had asked how I was picked. The man in charge said he had the girl taking phone calls document who got excited about winning tickets and who ever got the most excited won. I guess I got the most excited.

Well anyways I met them. I was like a teenager meeting Nsync in the late 90's. The other band members seemed shy and quiet. But Pelle was a total sweetheart and could see I was flustered so I think he tried acting like I wasn't annoying. He called me "number one fan" since thats all I could say to them. I also gave them a collage I had made of them. I took magazine cut outs to make it look like they were playing on stage.I'm going to school for Graphic Design now.

I've waited four years to see them again. February 29, 2008 I will see them in Chicago with my best friend, who four years before came with me to meet The Hives. Best day of life.


Selfdestruction Selfdestruction

Selfdestruction wrote on Feb 10, 2008:

Where: Madrid, Spain

When: 27/05/05

My new favorite band!


Terese Terese

Terese wrote on Jan 28, 2008:

Where: Stockholm SVERIGE

When: 4 December

Jag har varit helt FÖRÄLSKAD i er hur länge som helst.. och sen en kväll så frågade mamma om jag ville åka på Hives, Jag höll på att svimma och ringde min Kille som har sett och snackat med er en gång tidigare i Söderbärke på Where the Action is,sen var vi äntligen där i annexet.. och när The Hives skyllten tändes höll Jag verkligen på att dö!! Jag skrek och jag skrek.. Helt underbar konsär, the best live band in the world, yeeah, it fucking true! Jag kommer och ser er och älskade Hellacopters på Where the action is i sommar! <3 Men jag kommer nog snart och letar på er i Fagersta =)P.S!Jag fick ett plecktrum av er! Ni är dom bästa!!!

Travis Wallgren

Travis Wallgren Travis Wallgren

Travis Wallgren wrote on Jan 27, 2008:

Where: Atlanta, GA

When: January 27th, 2008

This time it wasn't me that met The Hives, but my mother happened to land in the same elevator as them at the hotel. She couldn't figure out how to use her new camera phone, so they followed her up to the 15th floor where she grabbed her camera. What a pleasant elevator ride.

I am jealous

Maddi Tucker ;D

Maddi Tucker ;D

Maddi Tucker ;D wrote on Jan 21, 2008:

Where: here

When: now

you cuties!!
haha good job dudes