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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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itzel andrea

itzel andrea itzel andrea

itzel andrea wrote on Jan 20, 2008:

Where: jalisco,mexico

When: 20/01/2008

Me llamo Itzel Andrea tengo 15 años, naci el 8 de enero de 1993.
Conoci a the hives hace tan solo un mes, pero eso basto para enamorarme de su musica que contagia alegria y energia por parte de todos los integrantes, apesar de k iniciaron la banda en 1993 el año de mi nacimiento me fascina su musica, y voy a ser todo lo posible por conseguir todos sus cds.

****I LOVE VOCAL****

visit to pto. vallarta, jalisco, mexico.

Mariya und Uwe

Mariya und Uwe

Mariya und Uwe wrote on Jan 16, 2008:

Where: Palladium Köln

When: 28.11.07

Hello Hives

My sweet Russian Girlfriend and I visit your concert at the Palladium Köln. Before her I didn´t know `The Hives`, she made me listen to your music and I like it very much. This is very curious, because normal Russian girls hear pop or MTV music.
We both loved your concert and I make a lot of pictures. They were all shit!! Accept one. And this one is outstanding!! So we want it to show you.
We heard you are coming to Germany again. That is fantastic. And so, we will see you a second time in Bremen.

Mariya and Uwe


Trevor Trevor

Trevor wrote on Jan 15, 2008:

Where: London

When: July 25, 2007

When I found out the Hives were playing 2 small secret shows the two nights before I was leaving Europe to go back home to Canada, I was incredibly stoked! Unfortunately, I found out too late, and all the tickets were gone. So I went to the first show and there was no tickets to be found. Thus, I went to the bar where they were playing the next day the afternoon before the show, and standing in various locations in the empty pub were all five hives! I introduced myself to Nicklaus and had a nice chat about such things as Canada (his wife had recently drove across Canada) and how they play Diabolic Scheme live. He hooked me up with a ticket and it was an incredible show! Thanks a lot guys! What a way to finish my trip! Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver next month!


siri siri

siri wrote on Jan 14, 2008:

Where: Stockholm annexet

When: 04 december

Soo good live!
It was so amazing!
I will goo back!

För dom som kan läsa svenska.. De va helt jäkla underbart! Har inte skrivit någe förens nu men gå och se dom live säger jag bara!
Inte så konstigt att dom fick en grammis för bästa live band! Haha så fort Pelle skulle ner och röra allas händer rörde sig alla ditåt och pladask så va man på golvet XD var nästan läskit men som sagt snabbt upp igen ^^

Aja det va i alla fall en upplevelse!

Skulle så gjärna vilja veta om doms ka till Sverige i sommar...


Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker wrote on Jan 11, 2008:

Where: The Raw Bar, Chicago, IL

When: Before their show at the Metro in early July of 2004

My friend Barb and I met at Raw Bar on Clark Street in Chgo for a snack and cocktails before the Hives show at the Metro. Nicholas Arnson came in, in full Hives attire no doubt, ordered a real big salad and started munching away! I couldn't believe my luck, I just love this bands music so I limped over to him with my broken foot in a goofy cast to ask for an autograph and was greeted warmly and was provided with an autograph. When he finished his meal, left and then within a half hour, Pelle walked in, sat down at the same table Nicholas ate at and ordered the same salad. I then limped over to him and asked for an autograph. He was very friendly as well and said that Nicholas told him how good the salad was, so he had to come over for a light-bite, as he was hungry, but doesn't like to eat too much before a show. Great guys---and had a truly awesome experience before a truly awesome show! Unfortunately, I did not have a camera.