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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Maddi Tucker ;D

Maddi Tucker ;D wrote on Jan 10, 2008:

Where: i dunno

When: i forget

well, I never really met the hives.. I'm just kinda bored right now, but I saw them when they started at a maroon 5 concert--the hives were WAY better and totally rocked it out by the way... so, later!


Olicwe Olicwe

Olicwe wrote on Dec 26, 2007:

Where: Australia

When: When You started wearing Blazers!!

Hey, one day at school i was talking a few mates and we were talking about your new Black and White album. My friend showed a link on the internet to your album cover and i noticed that your new black blazers look almost identical to our schools senior blazers!!! Is that extremely exciting or what!!! I also posted a few photos of me and our blazers!!!

Lee Byway

Lee Byway Lee Byway

Lee Byway wrote on Dec 15, 2007:

Where: Hammersmith, London

When: 23/11/2007

Me and my girlfriend Emily went to see The Hives in London and stayed in a great hotel over night, plus we got GIVEN tickets to the aftershow party and met the band! :D The night started when we were stood in the Hammersmith waiting for the Hives to come on stage when we got chatting to a guy stood near us. We didn't really believe him when he said he was a friend of the sound guy but when he offered us his tickets to the aftershow party and showed them to us we did! As soon as the gig finished (...and it was an amazing gig and one of the best I'd ever been to) we stuck our aftershow party stickers on and found our way to the right place, then when the band arrived we shook hands with Pelle and had a chat with Dr. Matt Destruction about The Hive's cool outfits and their 'collaboration' with the Raconteurs! :D ...After that we got back to our hotel room at about 3am and ordered some expensive room service at to celebrate :P BEST NIGHT EVER!!!


Monica Monica

Monica wrote on Dec 14, 2007:

Where: London

When: 23th november

I'm a mexican superfan but I was in Hamersmith Apollo concert last november 23th... any place is so far to listen The Hives!

sarah Steinhäuser

sarah Steinhäuser sarah Steinhäuser

sarah Steinhäuser wrote on Dec 04, 2007:

Where: germany, wiesbaden

When: 30/11/2007

the concert in wiesbaden was very "rock 'n roll" and i pelle was right, if they had played longer, we really would have died (like pelle said.).
in conclusion: i dont know what to say, it was amazing and the best concert i've ever been to.
i caught the plec of vigilante carlstroem and bought a very nice shirt.

well, after the concert we had to wait for our train. we teached pelle and matt destruction a tricky sentence in german: "ich bin dumm und fresse knete"
it was really funny and they laughed, too.
then we talked for a while about other bands and listened to some jokes by pelle :D
finally they singned my flag (sverige, of course!)
pelle went away with blown kisses and said "good night"

take care guys. hope to see you soon.