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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

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Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew

Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew

Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew wrote on Dec 03, 2007:

Where: Paris, le Bataclan

When: November 27th 2007

Here goes the story : for the only appearance of the Hives in France this year, we thought we’d show them our limitless love and devoutness with something special. We came up with the idea listening to ‘Try it Again’. Eureka! The Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew was born, meant to carry on the work of the Ole Miss Cheerleaders on the other side of the ocean. We also had great hopes to meet our Rock’n’roll heroes, and that happened sooner than expected : after rushing down the cold streets, choreographing & singing Hives-anthems out loud in front of the hall, we catched the mighty Chris-D havin a smoke. He told us that he was very pleased to see our outfits, and took a photo of us raising pompoms, then I showed him my “I love Chris dangerous customized boxer short”. The man was charming and very open, he said we would meet later after the show. As we got in to the hall, the magic we had been waiting for months finally happened. 2 hours of pure energy, baths of sweat, lost skirts, and their Royal Highnesses redefining rock’n’roll contours. Lots of pompom antics too, winks to Nicholaus “ce garcon”. We then got outside and saluted Pelle from his dressing room window, eating a pizza. ‘Hello, nice outfit!’, and, again, a great honour to be able to talk to the howler. The Crew was then badly defeated by cold and fatigue, and had to give up. It was already a lot more than what we had expected!
Fantastique Parisian Cheerleaders Crew say : this evening will be engraved on our memory forever. Merci. Paix, amour, les Hives

(to the admin : i sent this days ago and it doesnt seem to work, hope it's not too long? thanks in advance)



anna wrote on Dec 02, 2007:

Where: munich, air&style

When: 1/12/07

i was invited to this hives-concert for my birthday (because i decided to become a passionate hives-fan after the wonderful, amusing, heartbrakingly great concert at greenfield festival in interlaken), so we travelled the far way to munich (6 hours by train) and waited in front of the stage for 2.5 hours, so we could be sure to stay in the first row...
it was damn fucking cold, and we were hungry, but we didn't give up. and it was worth all the waiting. being in the first row of the hives-concert is just a pretty nice experience. (don't feel too flattered guys.)
unfortunately frederik forgot his fan-shirt at home. otherwise you people would have realized how much he likes you... and then probably good old pelle would have dared to step down on our side too... but no, he just went to the other side of the crowd...unlucky us. whatever. i still have my arson plectrum from last gig. so i should go now and hug the plectrum and dream about the next concert...
next time i know that i should sit in front of the tourbus and meet the absolute favorite weirdos in real...
stay nice.

(the pic shows us at the concert at greenfieldfestival (you may recognize the super-duper-fanshirt.))


rosa rosa

rosa wrote on Dec 02, 2007:

Where: HOLLAND. Paradiso

When: 30/11/2007

The concert was funny and crazy in a good way!
o my god you guys were very energetic!

After the concert I had missed my train so I had to wait till 5 o'clock in the morning!

So I waited at your tourbus to have a little chat with all of you :)

You were very friendly and lovely....

And Howlin' pelle I have to say you're sexy! and chris also!

Howlin' pelle you were very flirtenious If you want you can e-mail me....

See ya next time!
Good luck with your tour!

Kisses from rosa



Kloe wrote on Nov 26, 2007:

Where: Hammersmith Apollo

When: The Gig

Hives were absolutely amazing!

Caught a plectrum arson threw,
and then got to touch pelle and hold his hand.

Couldn't get much better tbh!


TunaFish wrote on Nov 25, 2007:

Where: Manchester

When: 24/11/2006

This show was rock n roll,

Quit your day job and dan sartain certainly warmed the show up with a fantastic start - spot on.

Next on were The Hives who rocked the joint,
they were energetic, fashionable as always and performed like kings of show.

After the punk rock performance and exciting encore, myelf and friends went outside to await the magicians of stage.

First out was the handsome drummer - chris, he allowed all his excited fans to have a chat and a picture and was very friendly.

Next was the cheeky bassist - Matt, he was pretty witty and a cool Mo Fo. Mr Destruction was welcoming and the crowd were certainly impressed by the charmer.

After waiting out we decided to get a taxi, all the way home the lot of us had massive smiles and alot to be excited for as The Hives are back in town and i'm sure they're to stay.

This was my second gig at the hives and i was not dissapointed - Cheers Fellas