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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Elif and Sarah

Elif and Sarah Elif and Sarah

Elif and Sarah wrote on Nov 12, 2007:

Where: ACC, Toronto Canada

When: October 4th 2007


(except pelle...but oh well)

It happened like this:

During the second intermission (after the hives had played---we snuck down to better seats to see them) we went looking for a drinking fountain (elif didnt have any money---so we needed free beverages).....and on our way to the stairs we met Chris Dangerous ....who was just going out for a smoke. on his way back in, he took pictures with us. we waited around a little more, hoping other hives members would come. we walked around and snooped everywhere we could (even tried to get backstage) but there was not one to be seen. So eventually we gave up and went and sat through Maroon5 - soft rock sucks. after that we made our way (after a few more attempts to find out where they might be hiding) ....we made our way to the front of the building -- but before we even got there, we spotted "Dr. Matt Destruction" just standing outside having a smoke. we went over and talked to him, and he was SO nice!! We told him how we'd been disappointed about being a year too young to see their show at the phoenix (19+ only)....and he said basically that yeah it sucks, because the drinking age in sweden is only 18.

...i can't get over how nice this man is <333 he offered to run down to the dressing room and see if he could get the rest of the band to come up so we could meet them. He told us it was no trouble at all, and we got most of their autographs and a photo with three of them ("take as many pictures as you like!").......only downside was that Pelle had wandered off somewhere.

We love this band - oh my god.

during the concert, nicholaus made a surprised face and blew kisses and winked at elif (she was holding the Swedish "marry me" sign) and tried twice to throw a guitar pick at her....but missed both times. I was of course jealous, but meeting them SO made up for it. if it weren't for her, Dr. Matt, and of course my mother for buying the tickets, I never would have met them at all.

We love The Hives.
That's all there is to it.

Dr. peach

Dr. peach wrote on Nov 12, 2007:


When: Nov 1st

After getting rejected by my friends i went ahead and bought a single ticket, i was ready to go off to a distant land of the showbox sodo (i live in wedgewood so ya.)
i got there alone around 6:30, the guy in front of me had some cool goodies (drum stick, a weird pass, and a signed photo)...O_o...
he was the last to get the free goods, if i could have left a bit sooner i could have been occupied with somthing cool to look at in line.. but he was really nice! so i waited for a bit and finally got in. i was in the "second row" of the crowd and i was super exited!! the two kids infront of me where making out and i felt like i was going to vomit but thanks to the handy dandy movie on the big white screen (tron was playing) i had somthing to do. everyone was acting crazy and out of control after waiting for an hour, but being in 2nd row everything had to be good.
the hives got on stage and from there it was total chaos and carnage during the show (the way i like it muahaha)and was just the total vibe you get from a live show.
i wish i could have met you guys, but i was super tired and my mouth was really dry, walking in a wobbly circle
than you so much for making my day!! loves

Annie May

Annie May

Annie May wrote on Nov 12, 2007:

Where: san diego, ca

When: november 10th, 2007

well, this WOULD have been my 2nd time seeing them. but unfortunatly, the venue was 21+ (and im a fresh 20 year old). i got tickets, but they still wouldnt let me in. before the show, i stood outside because i could hear them doing a soundcheck. when they were done, matt saw me and waved hi. when they all came out, i almost lost it. i did get teary, though. c'mon. you would too if you finally met your favorite band. i got pictures, and autographs, and i got to see a cool interview. i have waited SO long to meet them and it couldnt have been better. their PA was sooooooo nice! this was all too surreal.
i hope to see you again soon!




Adrienne wrote on Nov 12, 2007:

Where: Vancouver

When: Nov. 3

It was a dark and stormy night, and the Vancouver winds were howlin' like a baby left in a back-ally. I met up with a friend of mine after standing awkwardly in a phalanx of pre-teen girls and Asian boys wearing feminine clothes, all of who were reved up for a night of Maroon 5. My friend and I had somehow managed to score floor tickets, and were crazily anticipating the moment the Hives got up onto stage. After the most incredable, heartstopping show, in which I wrote "Pelle" in a heart in my hand and waved it about quite a lot, the two of us wriggled off our floor-wristbands and gave them to two Maroon 5 fans, and ran around the back of the venue to stand by the tour vans. So there we were, two random 16 year old girls, arguing with sercurity guards about the use of tasers and begging to be allowed backstage, for over an hour. After some time, we managed to strike up enough of a friendship with one of the guards that he took some sort of pity on us and offered to let us go sit in his van to get out of the rain. Late night? Shady part of town? Strange man's van? If it meant seeing the Hives, we were down, and jumped right in. Before we could stop laughing about the fact that we were breaking at least seven "what you're not supposed to do in life, in general." rules, we caught sight of Dr Matt Destruction. Everything from that moment on was just an amazing blur of complimenting his shoes, making a fool of myself, seeing Pelle (who HUGGED me! And his neck smelt nice), meeting Chris, and just generally being so excited by the entire situation that we definately became incoherant. Even though our over-excited babbling probably didn't express how grateful we were for their music, we definately got one message across that night; The Hives are too good for words!


Chris wrote on Nov 11, 2007:

Where: Mohegan Sun Connecticut

When: Oct 07

Never heard the hives before. Went to a Maroon 5 concert anf the hives opend. Never heard or felt so much energy in my life. I didnt want them to leave the stage. I am now a fan for life and purchased everyone of their albums. Long live The Hives!!!