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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Griffin and Tacia

Griffin and Tacia

Griffin and Tacia wrote on Nov 08, 2007:

Where: Avalon Hollywood

When: Nov.7

My son and I went last night to the show. Fuckin rocked! He's 14, I'm 44 and we had the most fun together. The Hives are the best think since Mozart! You guys took us to a new level. We went after the show to meet the guys and my kid (in his white tuxedo jacket) went over the top wehen he meet them. I had them sign my stomach and since they do whatever the fuck they want to it was pretty cool. Signed poster is in his music studio where he plays drums for inspiration! Thanks guys.

Maria Zebra

Maria Zebra wrote on Nov 07, 2007:

Where: San JOSe!!!!

When: uh, Nov. 6!!!

Well ladies and germs, LADIES AND GERMS! I have been waiting 3+ years, yes yes, THREE PLUS years for a moment such as last night. Maria Dangerous, A.K.A Hot Breadsy and Ronald Ray-gun, admirable and honourable member of the FORUM and devotee of THE PRINT, finally met her match. Where to start?

I spied with my beady little eyes a tour bus of fantasy purple. little did I know, it held some of the greatest gents to ever wreck havoc in the heart of my city, San Jose, Ca. As the gates from the loading dock opened, the brave Nicolas Arson himself was the first to brave a self-induced hives storm.

Upon stepping into the crowd, rolly-backpack in tow, the CLOUDS WENT EVEN DARKER THAN THEY WERE (it being night and all). my hives-senses tingled as I approached the man with curly hair, wearing his own bands sweater, for shameless advertisement, or was it because it was strangely cold for a California evening? no matter! after wrenching my starry-eyed sister from the nervous Swede, I shyly asked for the good man's John Hancock, and perhaps a blurry picture with him, upon my friends lame phone :/

he was JUST the first. Faster, and without warning, the rest appeared, in groups of one individual, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!! (I suppose that doesn't count as a group).

the goddess Venus herself was courting Sir Chris Dangerous from the iron gates when I spotted the two. Needless to say, Dangerous' enchanting spell made the goddess of Love swoon, much like the rest of the crowd. we seemed to have stolen Arson's bravery as we swiftly approached Chris, him being my favorite and all (Maria Dangerous LIVES!!!) I'll say he was more willing, for a little photo shoot and a few signatures and such, from us to him, and not the other way around :D

Gloria, ever the shameless giddy fan girl, stole his ciggy butt off of the ground, and dared ask Mr. Dangerous to lick her sharpie. she is a hypocrite sometimes :] FANGIRL! I'm glad to confirm Chris' human characteristics by declining to do so. thank you Dangerous, there would've been a lot of bickering over the sharpie, had you licked it.....xD

Oh well lets see, while the crowd was completely blinded by the ray of sunshine that is Dangerous, Dr. Matt Destruction darted out next, hoping to steal away from our starry eyes. perhaps next time he shouldn't wait 15 minutes after Chris Dangerous to make that dash, EH?

he's a very fine man. a refined man. I was much obliged to shake his hand. his fingers were warmer than mine. Hmmm...he too was a very nice person, VERY and by far, rocked the cutest facial hair in town. and there is a lot of facial hair in this town, Foreigners, let me tell you.....

OH? did you think I'd leave out-DARE I SAY HIS NAME RIGHT? Howlin' Pelle-UH!!! that's right, Pelle was very much worth the wait, sauntering out of the gates like a sauntering baby out of a womb, very much so. ever the helping person, I proceeded to offer Pelle my assistance. he politely declined, but gladly took a photo with us anyway. aaah, the joy, the COMPLETNESS in my life, to know i have taken a photo with Pelle, double thumbs up ('cuase that's what we were doing ). :[ however I did spy a busy chatty-kathy Vigilante boarding the bus. he was on the phone, and I did not allow myself to disturb him. but I love Viggy!!!

:D and so what seemed like a desparate 3 hour wait at the gates of loading docks at the HP Pavilion in my drabby hometown of San Jose actually turned into a the EPIC event of my life. an honor for me to have met The Hives, as did my niece. the Guerra sisters love The Hives!!! "Jag alskar dig" Am I saying it right? :]

Thank you guys for being such an amazing band!!!



Saba wrote on Nov 07, 2007:

Where: san jose

When: nov. 6

me...this afro styled kid...has been love in with The Hives since I first heard “Hate say I TOLD YOU SO.. Watching them open up for Maroon 5 was amazing. Many bands these day focus on the main singer...the HIVES ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LADIES AND GENTS. Everyone in the band brings a different type of energy to the floor and every band member gives 1000000000 percent not just 100% 10000000 percent. I honestly never had so much fun at a concert...from touching Pelle and listening to his jokes to admiring Nichalaus andgood looks and charm. They worked the concert and made everyone hyped up.... I hope to see you guys again! ..

jag håller av the hives :)

hahahah I prolly said this wrong but its close enough

p.s. next time you guys come to town can we get married again? PLEASE!


Sam Sam

Sam wrote on Nov 06, 2007:

Where: Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom

When: November 2

Went with a big group of friends to The Hives show, we got there early and got front row. We rocked it out and it was such an incredible show; The Hives are so much better live!
We waited two hours after the show and got to meet and talk to all of the band. Howlin' Pelle named my brother's band and Dr. Matt Destruction was so funny and great to talk to!


suzy wrote on Nov 06, 2007:

Where: Seattle

When: November 1st

I was coming from Portland and decided to make a day of this show, All I had planned was drinking in the bar until they started, but I just happened to show up right in time to see theEnd session, holy fucking shit. Thats right I got to see them practice with about 20 other people, AND meet them. I talked to Pelle and he acknowledged that I knew all the the lyrics to the new singles! Nicholaus, and Chris were very nice as well. Awesome? Oh yes.
Probably the coolest thing I've ever done.