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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Ian Ian

Ian wrote on Nov 06, 2007:

Where: Seattle, Showbox Sodo

When: November 1, 2007

Four of us drove from Vancouver BC to see the Sweden's greatest export, THE HIVES. We all agreed we would rather eat poison than see THE HIVES at the venue they played in Vancouver, and with Maroon 5 no less! We're not fans, to say the least.
THE HIVES delivered! It was all we hoped for and more. When bands play good fast rock music, we tend to put our middle fingers in the air, and Pelle saw us and threatened to come down into the audience and take us down a peg. Hopefully he knows we were just kidding around and didn't mean any disrespect. Maybe it's a Canadian thing to do, flip off bands when they're totally ruling. Irregardless, it made for a memorable scene.
We met a stage-hand in a bar later that night who gave us some of the guitar picks the band actually used that night, or so he says. They have THE HIVES new logo and they all say Dr Matt Destruction on the back. That was nice of him.
Great road trip, great band, great performance - we consider ourselves lucky. Thanks THE HIVES!


Adam Adam

Adam wrote on Nov 04, 2007:

Where: Seattle, Portland

When: November 2 and 3, 2007

I flew to Seattle to see the Hives play the Showbox Sodo, then drove down to Portland to see them again at the Crystal Ballroom. They played two out of four of the best shows that I have ever seen. (The other two would have to be The Hives in Portland in 2004, and The Hives in Columbus that same year). Now I'm in Sacramento trying to decide if I can see them one more time before they leave for Europe, and complete my top five list of The best 5 live shows of all time.

There was also a small battle right after the Portland show for one of Chris Dangerous's drum sticks. Four little rug rats were one the ground fighting over it as hard as possible, and then one of their friends came over and started rooting for one of them whose name was "Burns", so I started rooting for Burns also. Then, after a 300 pound bouncer came over and threw each kid across the room, I asked the guy if it was Burns who had won the drumstick. He didn't really answer me, so I assume Burns went home empty handed. Sorry Burns.



christian wrote on Nov 04, 2007:

Where: texas

When: november 3

hey guyz i seen u guys with maroon 5 on october 26th you are so hot im so buying your guyz cd when it comes out p.s ther was shirts at that concert it looked like the suites yous was wearin it was for guyz i dident buy them that night i dont know why but is their any wher online i could buy them plz tell me



Jessica wrote on Nov 04, 2007:

Where: Seattle

When: Nov. 1st, 2007

Having taken 3 different buses to get from Everett to Seattle (and a day off of work), I practically sprinted past Qwest Field to the Showbox Sodo.
The time was 4:30, a good 3 1/2 hours before the doors were set to open. Did this matter? Nah. I was to be the first in line if it was the death of me.
As I approached the wee offspring of the elder Showbox, to my dismay, I saw a line of 5 or 6 people already leaning on the brick wall, and many others milling about. I saw my grand scheme begin to fall apart.

A 100.7 employee approached me:
"Are you here for the Endsession?"
My answer?
*shifty eyes* "... y-yeah.."
"Well", he said, checking his list, "your names not here. Oh well, it's okay".
He thrust something into my hand and walked away. As I looked down, it seemed to give an ethereal glow. A pass to see The Hives endsession!

Oh my.
I followed the others in, my hands shaking so bad that the glossy I held shook like a leaf. This was my penultimate concert experience, something I had daydreamed about. And there they were, on stage, in the flesh.

Fumbling my way into the Endsession has been the only thing on my mind since =]

Although, my nerves did get the best of me. Handing the picture to Pelle to sign, I couldnt manage more than "Hey... what's up?"

lol. What I wanted to do was let them on to at least some degree of how grateful I am to them for what they do. Their cds have seen me through breakups, failed classes and every other possible up/down of my teenage years and continues to do so. Thank you guys =]

ps- Nicholaus, I hope I didnt look too weird headbanging right in front of you = lol.


Alex wrote on Nov 03, 2007:

Where: Seattle

When: November 1st, 2007

It was a dark night in Seattle. A silence fell over the city, as if people could sense there was a presence or energy nearby that wasn't there the night before.

Everyone fed off this energy. The Krispy Kreme down the street was creating treats that were tastier than usual. The Starbucks crew was on fire, making lattes like they were going out of style.

But the crew at the Showbox Sodo... that was something else. Every employee at the venue had A bolt of electricity bouncing in their eyes. You could see that this was NOT like other nights.

We waited patiently. People of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes were clapping in great anticipation of seeing the most amazing band of all time. Then they took the stage. As Pelle informed us, "Yes, we're really here. This shit is really happening." Boy did it ever!

Nicholaus Arson is a madman. A maniacal beast. A crazed lunatic who plays a guitar as if it's been a very naughty naughty girl.

And then it happened. The Hives were playing "Hives-Declare Guerre Nucleaire". Mr. Arson looked at me, a 37 year old man near the front of the stage, singing word for word one of the best songs ever written. He gave a quick smile and a nod of approval, then went back to playing, as the insanity continued!

I have seen a few bands in my day, from Arctic Monkeys to the Rolling Stones. I have never EVER seen any band like the Hives. BEST LIVE BAND OF ALL TIME as far as I'm concerned. If I didn't have to work Friday night, I would have driven down to Portland and seen them again.

I truly hope they plan on returning to Seattle sometime during this tour.


PS. And I hope they will add ABRA CADAVAR to their set list.