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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Matt C.

Matt C.

Matt C. wrote on Oct 14, 2009:

Where: Saskatoon Satchewan Canada

When: May 21st, 2008

When I heard you guys were coming that cold March, me and my co-worker got tickets. Well turns out, he couldn't come so I sold his ticket for extra money. That money came in handy when it came to drinks as you guys tore the building down, with song after song, the crowd singing along with Howlin' Pete sang his lungs out to such classics as Die! Alright and Diabolic Schemes. There were only two songs I think the audience didn't remember and it was from your first album. If I could get the images off my phone, Id show you my old teacher, who also went, holding up the tie you guys threw to her.
You guys promised to come back to Saskatoon to rock out. In 2010, you need to honor that promise. You guys are like the only rock bands today that rock out like real rock bands.



Frederic wrote on Oct 10, 2009:

Where: In my dream

When: last night

I found an old poster from the 60's in my father's attic...

"The Hives, the Original soundtrack of my life"


D.E.A. wrote on Sep 28, 2009:

Where: Edmonton, Canada

When: May 2008

The night The Hives descended in Edmonton was approximately my date of birth, and so I was thrilled to have such quality entertainment for my party. As if they arrived right on cue when they heard us shout their names, the concert started soon after we entered the building, the fans were screaming, the music was pumping, we were all partially going deaf, and it was well worth it! The bouncers had a hard time keeping anyone under the legal age out of the mosh pit (which was crammed) and those youngsters were being tossed left and right like dolls of rags--far too young to be that close to such awesomeness, someone had to protect them! Once the show ended, the crew and I waited outside to meet them, as we heard it was custom of Swedes in general to greet their fans.
We waited for an hour in the surprisingly cold night air, being kept warm only by the shirts the bared the faces of the band, and as we looked towards the back door of the venue, a figure appeared out of a puff of smoke. My sister (one of the youngsters mentioned above) ran towards it and leered, then shouted back "IT'S THE DRUMMER!" and before we knew it, twenty people had swarmed the area, begging for autographs. We were all indulged, and when Dr Destruction joined the party my group and I gave him advice on where to go kayaking in our fair country whilst he signed our ticket stubs, t-shirts, and possibly some body parts. Shortly after that, H.P.A. came to give us his blessings. The girls were smiling ear to ear, one man was as well, and everyone gathered for more pictures, more autographs, and more hugs. As I left, H.P.A. said they would be back in time for my next birthiest-of-days, but alas, I was crushed when the day came about and I had no band to perform for my gathering.
However, the night was awesome, the band was affable beyond a doubt, and the music was amazing. Edmonton needs them back. We shall be waiting excitedly! :)

Sasha Gala

Sasha Gala wrote on Sep 26, 2009:

Where: @ Alte Börse, Zurich, Switzerland

When: 24.09.09

I know The Hives since I was a baby. My mother and I always rocked to their music in front of a big mirror in the living room.
And then, a few day ago, my wish came true: They were performing in Zurich! My good friend Timea freaked out, either did I. But we were too young (15 years old) to get in the club, so my father came with us.
It was a bit embrassing, he acted like a dog, looking carefully around and telling us, that we should not talk to stranger. Man, Daddy, this isn't my first concert!! I was in the front row. The Support Band, called "The Giant Robots" were not bad, I liked their sound too.
And then, my Idols came: WOOOHOOOOOOOO!! The people who were standing behind me began to push and scream, so I did the same. It was great, Pelle performed very very good and he hold my hand for a little while. After one and a half hour I almost passed out, it was that good. When the concert finished, C. Dangerous gave me one of his sticks and just smiled.
When I came back home, I still heard the beat of the drums and Pelles voice.

Now I see, that the pictures I have taken are not on this computer, I've loaded them up on another computer. Sorry, folks!

I hope you understood my english, I'm just a student, still learning this language. ;)



Morgan wrote on Sep 18, 2009:

Where: My middle school

When: Today

Ok, it isnt really a story, but I have found ANOTHER Chris Dangerous look-alike. Since school started a few weeks ago I have been staring at this kid. He really looks like Chris Dangerous! And today I finally got the guts to ask someone else to ask him his name. He is simply James. Although its kinda weird, if I see James I think of Chris, but if I see a picture of Chris, I dont think of James...
Ok, this was really lame, but I just had to tell someone =) I figured you guys might like to know I have spotted at least a partial look alike =)

May The Hives Rule The World For Eternity!