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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Zachary West

Zachary West wrote on Oct 08, 2007:

Where: 9:30 club

When: July 19

I had just bought Veni Vidi Vicious that month and was obsessed with it. Then I saw the guys front row, center stage, at their CD release show of Tyranasaurus Hives in D.C. and my perspective on how music's supposed to be played was changed forever. Nicholas and Pelle were an unstoppable duo on stage and the rest of the guys were so well in sync with their frontman's spontaneity they made every song work. I'll always remember Pelle climbing the PA system and up to holding the railing of the second floor to treat the people upstairs. THE HIVES are the best band on the planet and I've been awaiting the new CD and their return to the States for 3 long years. Coincidentally the new songs come out the 9th, my 21st birthday, and I will be seeing them again the 17th at the Black Cat. If you guys let me know where the party's at afterwords my sister and I would most deffinitely be there. Keep on rockin' harder than anyone on the planet.
-lifelong fan

Mahlon Parker

Mahlon Parker

Mahlon Parker wrote on Oct 08, 2007:

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: October 7, 2007

well my dad and i were walking in the arena district of columbus and while we were crossing the street i looked up and i thought i saw Pelle Almqvist, which apparently i did, cause they all started waving at me, i guess since i was wearing a hives shirt, so i decided to go up to them and say hi, i was pretty nervous so i probably screwed up somehow, I shook all of their hands, said how much i loved their music, but the coolest thing of it all, Nicholas Arson knew my name somehow, he was like "your mahlon right?" and i was like really confused, he said he remembered me from this website, which i thought that like thousands of people send stuff in and i cant believe they knew who i was, i went to the concert that night and it was phenomenal. even when pelle kinda fell when he was in the audience, it was amazing, i didnt care about maroon 5 i just went to see my favorite band....THE HIVES. this has been one of the most coolest things that has ever happend to me


angie wrote on Oct 08, 2007:

Where: Columbus, ohio

When: Oct. 7

I've heard a few of their songs but seeing them perform was AWESOME! I am now a Hives fan!!They had great stage presence and great talent-I Love You Guys!


Chrissy wrote on Oct 08, 2007:

Where: Columbus, Ohio

When: October 7, 2007

The Hives opened for Maroon 5 and my first thoughts were "who are these guys? I just wanna see M5" But then they began playing and I fell in love. They are the best EVER! I LOVED watching them because Pelle Almqvist is the most energetic person I've ever seen! We met the guys after the show and they were awesome. They're really amiable. We also saved Pelle from getting hit by a semi truck! :) They have become my favorite band! Keep up the good work boys! You're amazing!! <3


Cajsa wrote on Oct 07, 2007:

Where: Charlottesville, VA

When: Oct 8, 2007

Jag ska se er imorgon i Charlottesville! AH, Det ska bli sa kul! Har aldrig sett er forut, men det ar klart jag maste ga om ni kommer hit!
Jag hoppas ni ar riktigt bra, men det kommer ni ju vara saklart!