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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Kim Kim

Kim wrote on Sep 08, 2007:

Where: East i Stockholm

When: August 28th

Well, two guys sat down next to me and my friends at a place called East in Stockholm.....we started talking and i said to one of the guys "du ser ut som sangaren fran The Hives" ("you kind of look like the singer from the Hives")....we kept on talking and after a while my friends called me over and said.."Kim, that is the singer from the Hives and the singer from Moneybrother" hahaha stupid me..... I have to say though both you (Pelle) and Anders were great guys and it was a pleasure to meet you. Just found out that you're playing in NY (where i live at the moment) and i will make sure i'll be there....question though...webster hall or Madison, which one should i go to? Even though I did say not to play at Webster Hall!!!
You guys are amazing!


elenaa wrote on Sep 08, 2007:

Where: colombia, the land that the hives never visit

When: wtf?

guys please u come to colombia, i reaally want to see you play in here, is not that bad come to colombia,i can show you colombia! im originally from venezuela, but i live in colombia
pleeeasee comee, u guys have a lot of fans in colombia!!!

killen ko

killen ko wrote on Sep 08, 2007:

Where: sanriago de chile

When: nunca

Oye, soy una chica de 17 años que está locamente enamorada del vocalista de hives..
su voz, su potencia sus moviemmientos de baile !



Bec wrote on Sep 08, 2007:

Where: Melbourne

When: October 2005

I had come to the Melbourne show wearing a t-shirt that said 'Holwin’ Pelle is my Captain' with 'Aye Aye' on the back. After the show we saw Nick outside the Forum Theatre so we went to say hi and he saw my shirt and asked why it said ‘Howlin’ Pelle is your capital’ not sure how that worked out - but great photo nonetheless!

Liz G

Liz G Liz G

Liz G wrote on Sep 07, 2007:

Where: Oxford, Mississippi. U.S.A.

When: May 26th 2007

My husband and I had not much to do for memorial day weekend. I was looking on-line for something, and fell across this wonderful idea.

You see, the Great and powerful HIVES were going to play at a lil' place by the name of Proud Larry's. Trouble was, it is 11 hours away. I checked plane cost , train cost, too much money! Then Matt said "Why not just rent a car and drive?". I said, "uh, Fuck Ya!". So yes we drove a total of 22 hours to see the Hives in a lil' bar with approx. 150 others. This was one of the BEST choice's we have ever made.

Not only were the Greatest Live Band of all time on a 2.5 Foot stage, they were in our face. Yeah that's right, Arson's guitar was sooo close I had to back my face up, or I woulda ate a knuckle sandwich! The Powerful HPA, used me as a ledge to lean into the crowd even further, and he sang right in my face! The first &quo! t;Dangerous" stick flew into the crowd, and I caught it! They made me feel like I was 14 again, experiancing my First Punk Rock Show. We're still high just thinking about it. Thank You for that Boys!

Ahh, yes I will get to the matter at hand. The Best show we have ever been to came to an end. The Hives decided to kick back and relax on the street. I had the gumption to congratulate these men on another job well done. So I did. They were The nicest, most approachable, appreciative, and handsome band I have ever met. I introduced each of them to my other half, and told them about our road trip. I don't think they believed us at first, they each asked "Just to see us?", I said "Hell Ya!". Vigilante was so gracious he handed over his scarve. Dr. Matt was a breath of fresh air (Funny guy). Nicholous was like talking to an old friend. I received a picture with each of them. Told them how we're on pins and needles for the new album, and ! that I would see them in Chicago.

So we took our new set of memories, and souvenirs and went on our merry way.

Thank You Hives. I would be honoured to buy you a round in Chi-town!
Much Love,

P.S. There are plenty more photos. We did record that show. Treasure!