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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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David wrote on August 15, 23:19 :

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: Now... duuh.

I first heard about Ze Hives when the Tyrannosaurus Hives album was released. I was 14 years at the time and was trying to find my style of music. I saw the video for Walk Idiot Walk and thought: "Shit, these blokes are good."

I bought the album the next day and it was a real mindfuck, how could this piece of art come from a tiny town in tiny Sweden. The tempo, the energy, the howlin from pelle, the cool baselines, the scratching guitars and the frenetic beats from Sir Dangerous. It was like crack for me. I couldn't get enough of the shit.

Since then I have been a huge fan of The Hives, I have seen nearly every gig in Sweden, I have bought merchendise to show my faith and spread the word. I think October this year will be an important year for music history.

ps. I may want to add that i have spend a night in Hive Manor, the high quarters and base of operations of the grea! test band of all time. Sadly i did not spend the night with the band (yummy) but it was defenetly the Hive Manor. The place is called Ulvaklev Castle by the locals but I recognised it from the DVD Tussles In Brussles directly.


nästan överallt

marie wrote on August 27, 6:33 :

Where: nästan överallt

When: igår, ifjol, för två år sen

Jag har träffat på er många gånger faktiskt.
Och alltid någon annanstans. Om det var i Örebro, Nürburg eller Sthlm. Sedan dess har jag rentav lärt lite svenska (inte pga er, det skulle ni aldrig drömma om..).
Sista gången var igår i Hamburg/Pinneberg.
Men jag jobbade ju nästan alltid då. Så kunde jag inte göra mycket förutom att vara en bra liten security och kontrollerar era pass varje gång eller vad som helst.

Jag tror jag får inte prata om det men ni var ju alltid ganska trevliga. Om ni var halvnakna eller halvklädda.

Nu ska jag till Sverige. Alla behöver semester efter detta. Särskilt jag.


Fia wrote on August 28, 6:10 :

Where: Storsjöyran, Östersund

When: 27 August

Well, this happened for about a month ago now.
I had just seen The Hives when they had been playing on the big stage in Östersund. I was chocked cause this was the second time I saw them. So, drunk, chocked, overvelmed and happier then ever I was walking with my friend, and as we came behind the stage, we saw a bunch of short blond girls standing and waiting at the fence. Then suddenly all girls started screaming and out of the fence Howlin Pelle walked and said - Move away please. My heart went crazy and i ran towards him, through all girls around him, and gave him a hug, and I heard later on that I've had said - You are so god damn awesome, and he had said thank you. And that was it. I let go and went back to my friends.

The Hives will always be the greatest! No matter how old they are going to be or no matter what crazy things they will play. I trust them in their music. So make me happy an! d release this insane Black and Whit album in Europe first! After all, they come from my home country...

London Andres

London Andres London Andres

Andres wrote on August 31, 20:15 :

Where: London

When: August

I'm from Colombia as well. I had never seen The Hives live. I woke up at eleven, and saw in my e-mail that the hives were going to play at the hoxton square... I tried to buy tickets online, but they seemed to be sold out... so I tried, and I tried, and I tried, clicking the fucking mouse button, till... I got one! So I went by my own. And well, I got a very good place near the stage. And I met The Hives in the best place to meet them, at the stage, with them jumping over the crowd, and giving us their hands, and singing the new songs from their upcoming album.

It has been definitely the most intense concert I've ever been. GRRREAATTT!!!

Nancy and Mike

Nancy and Mike Nancy and Mike

Nancy and Mike wrote on September 02, 2:08 :

Where: Oxford, Mississippi, USA

When: May, 2007


I love QOTSA. I love Franz Ferdinand. I love the White Stripes. And I mean no disrespect to any of these fine bands or the countless other excellent ensembles I adore. BUT THE HIVES ARE THE GODS OF THE ROCK AND ROLL UNIVERSE. A couple of months ago we were lucky enough (blessed beyond our wildest dreams) to see them play live in... wait for it... OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI. In a bar that holds about 200 people, maybe. We stood directly in front of Howlin' Pelle who stood on a stage that was almost 2 feet off the ground.
The set list was right in front of us. I didn't get a picture or remember what it said, but just know it was awesome. They played tons of wonderful stuff from their first three albums and a couple of new songs that were fabulous. The Hives are hands down the most energetic and entertaining band I have ever seen perform and the show Satur! day was the creme de la creme. It was Pelle's birthday, they just finished recording their new album in Oxford and everyone was a little drunk. What else can I say? I mean, literally, we were inches from them the whole time.
It was spectacular. It was marvelous. Pelle walked right between me and Mike into the crowd, twice. He put his hands on our shoulders and leaned over us. He grabbed our hands. He almost hit me in the head with his mike stand. We were drenched in Hive sweat and beer and loving every minute of it. Pelle unbuttoned his shirt and I got to touch his chest. Nicholaus Arson almost hit me in the head with his guitar. So did Dr. Matt Destruction. Matt Destruction and Pelle shook our hands. I got one of Chris Dangerous's drum sticks!!!!
It has his name on it!!!
And now for the best part: when they left the stage they went out the front door and sat on the street to smoke just like everyone else!!!!!!!!!!
They're hot, they're Sweedish, and the! y wear m atching suits, all the time. They are very simply the best live musical act you could ever hope for.