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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Absai wrote on May 29, 2009:

Where: mexico city

When: 29/5/2009

Happy birthday to the singer that I love in my life♥
The beautiful pelle
A new year of life a new year of music
Thanks to all
My better desires...
I love them


ay@toni wrote on May 08, 2009:

Where: Nagoya and Makuhari

When: 2th and 5th April 09

you guys are too hot lol
i went your gigs in Nagoya and Makuhari(PUNKSPRING09!
soooooooooooo amaging!!!
your performance is great!!
im always listening your music!
im looking forward to meeting you again sooooooon:)
and some day,i wanna talk with you guys lol
so im thinking of studying swedish:D
Please come back soon!!

anyway im addicted to you uys lol
Hope you are going well!!


Maija Maija

Maija wrote on Apr 29, 2009:

Where: Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

When: 22th March 2009

In February I heard that The Hives were coming to Finland.
My first thought was that I have to get there, but then fate decided something else: showday was sunday and nobody wanted to come with me. Also, tickets were (only) 26 euros, but mum didn't want to pay it (i'm always broke). I fit my mind the fact that I wouldn't be able to see The Hives live.

Weeks rolled on - and then I found this competition "Win VIP-tickets to The Hives consert in Nosturi 22.3". I never win anything, but I still decided to try my luck - you never know.

Again weeks rolled on and monday the 16th of March I had this tiny tickling in my stomach. I opened up my computer and found out that I had won the VIP-tickets to show. I jumped trough roof and screamed my lungs out.

Then sunday came and we went to Nosturi. We got some food,drinks, The Hives stuff (=latest CD and unique t-shirt) and a chance to play guitar hero.

Warmer band, The Doits, started 2000. It was pretty weird, I'm not sure if I liked it or not.
The Hives started about 2100 and in five minutes I was sweatier than ever. Me and my friend got to this huge circlepit and it was so awesome! Everybody went just nuts, but in a good way. I also lost my both shoes during the first ten minutes, but luckily found them pretty soon.

I loved the freezing thing where whole band stood still for few minutes. It was crazy!
At some point I was in front row, but this girl next to me got upset and pushed me away. Right after that Pelle came to see crowd in that place. So my luck.
We also took some pictures - I L O V E the one where Pelle stares right to camera.
During the last song, Dr. Matt Destruction gave me his plectrum, awwww. It's now in my closet door.

Set was just perfect and you guys made me a great impress - I gotta see you again.

After the gig we left home. Five hours driving and then three hours sleeping and to school - what a great formula.

Awesome day entirely, but I wanted so bad to meet the band, and I didn't get a chance. It made me feel sad, because I know you guys are glorious.

- THANK YOU - so much for saving my March and spring. And for the best show ever( though it was the first time I saw The Hives).

Looking forward for the next time to see The Hives, maybe after the new record has been released? ;)

And -I almost forgetted- I wanna so bad to know what songs you played that night, but I can't find setlist anywhere. Any tips?


Aya wrote on Apr 04, 2009:

Where: Osaka, Japan

When: 1/4 2009

I was about to die from boredom in the cold northern city of Sapporo (they have clubs here too! haha), but then, out of nowhere, my dad buys tickets to see The Hives! I went absolutely mad!
So my dad and brother came along with me to Osaka, and there we were in the 3rd row. My dad stayed in the back because he's old, but when the lights went out and that familiar sign lit up (or cloth banner... it doesn't matter it still said Hives!), I was screaming so loud that everyone looked at me weird. i guess the polite look is in right now...
Well that creepy european music started to play, and i got this feeling that i had the first time i saw you i Denver; my heart pounded so fast, and my head got hot and electric. I knew that this show would be as unforgettable as the first.
Hey Little World was first, then Main Offender, and so on. Each song just as good or better than the last, and i was jumping and screaming and going nuts for like, and hour and a half!!
I drew a giant heart with HIVES inside of it before the concert to show how much you guys mean to me, but now that i think about it I say a heart on EACH hand would've been appropriate, if not my forehead too =)))))))) <3
please come back to Japan you keep me alive in this country!!!

love and support Then, Now, and Forever!!!!

Fabiana, Marika, Melissa, Sara

Fabiana, Marika, Melissa, Sara Fabiana, Marika, Melissa, Sara

Fabiana, Marika, Melissa, Sara wrote on Mar 29, 2009:

Where: Trädgårn, Göteborg

When: March 24, 2009

In 2008 we four Italian crazy girls saw the Hives a lot of times, in a lot of different places.. Milan, Turin, Bari, even in Switzerland.
All of their gigs were so fantastic that as soon as we heard of a Swedish tour we couldn't let this chance to see the Hives playing in their homecountry slip away.
So we booked the plane, packed our bags and got ready to conquer Goteborg. And we did!
The location was lovely, so tiny that you felt like you could really connect with the band, the people were so warm, and the concert was just great. As usual. It's unbelievable how much fun and passion these guys always put in their shows, they could never disappoint you! Once again we were charmed.
After the show we had a few words with Pelle, that once again proved to be a really nice person, and we went back to our hotel totally satisfied.
In conclusion, it was really worth it, worth the time, worth the money that we spent, and we would totally do it again (ok, I confess we would have also gone to the Malmoe gig the next day, hadn't it been already sold out!). We're already counting the days till our next Hives' concert, hoping it won't take too long since we are totally addicted to these guys.