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Ask your omnipotent leaders anything!

Everyone knows that The Hives know pretty much all that is worth knowing, omnipotent if you will. Here is your chance to get answers to the questions you always wanted answered.

Use the form below to send your question and The Hives will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Don't forget to keep checking out this page to view the answers to your questions!



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Here is a selection of previous questions & answers

Question from eileen the screamin'
my favourite band are you!!<3
HPA,NAA,matt chris and vigilante, What's your favourite band or singer?
nice to meet you! you're the best!!!! me+ the hives= for ever!

ps my english sucks!maybe i'm 13years old!!! =) I love you Pelle
Howlin' is our favourite singer and The Hives are his favourite band. We love you too!


Question from Max

Will your arm make it through the rest of this tour? I saw you icing it in between songs in Portland.

I've got bruises on my chest and knees and internal bleeding but your show last Friday kicked ass.

Yes Max, it will. Sorry about you getting beat up but that's what happens when you see us you know.


Question from Ulrika
Tjoo på er! ^^
Jag + ngr kompisar håller precis på att starta ett band, men d blir ganska flummigt när vi spelar ihop.. Jag tänkte bara kolla med er om ni har ngr tips för att komma igång?

Och Pelle, kan inte du hälsa Jack White från mig?! =) tack, ha d gött allesammans! ^^
Ja alltså, flummigt är ju inte bra - tror ni måste fokusera grabbar - FOKUSERA!


Question from eileen
you're my favourite rock band and i leave in france(normandie)
Do you like france???


Question from jorge
hey chris, im' a big fan of the hives, and i would like to know what's the exact name of the telecaster that niklas uses, because i can't find it anywere... answer please :)
It's called The Arsonette and was custom built for Nicholaus (the white one). He also uses some Fender ones, mainly from the 70's.