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Ask your omnipotent leaders anything!

Everyone knows that The Hives know pretty much all that is worth knowing, omnipotent if you will. Here is your chance to get answers to the questions you always wanted answered.

Use the form below to send your question and The Hives will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Don't forget to keep checking out this page to view the answers to your questions!



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Here is a selection of previous questions & answers

Question from Alex
Best live band of all time! Great show in Seattle!

Question: Why did you not include Abra Cadavar in your set list?

It's my favorite Hives song, so I can't help but ask. Any chance on adding it later in the tour?


Hey Alex,

We've got sooo many great songs now so It's really hard to choose wich ones to play every night. That one didn't make It that night but you never what mood we might be in later on.


Question from James Barber
Hey Chris
You Normaly reply to me, I Just wanted to know, my dad is comming to your gig in November with me. He is fan of the band as well as me. Hope u don't fink my dads ticket is a waste of time, as he is fifty and all:)
We want everyone between 0 and 350 to attend our shows so he's more than welcome!


Question from Kylee

I was just wondering what tuning do Vig and Nik keep there guitars in?

lots of hives love,


P.S. Saw that when you posted the diary entry in news, cute Nik. :)
Hey Kylee,

even though I'm just a drummer I think I can answer this one: Normal E, and then out of tune for a while - then back in tune.


Question from Anna
Hej pa er!
Tankte bara forvarna om att jag och ett gang svenska vikingar kommer och kikar pa er 7 nov nar ni spelar pa Avalon. Kanske kan ge oss en liten halsning? Mormor halsar forresten tack till Chris pappa som hjalpte henne saga ner ett storande trad i Morsjon. Tanker ni hanga dar nagot i framtiden? Ha det bra! Vi ses!

Låter härligt at ni kommer!
Hälsa mormor från mig att vi absolut kommer hänga där så snart tid finns - vinter och sommar!


Question from Brian
I grew up in Alaska and had a proper upbringing with a stick and a puck. I try to play hockey every chance I get, which is next to never. I'm coming to see your shows on the 7th and 8th of November and was wondering if you guys (we say ya'll where I live now) would like to play some hockey in the Staples Center? Perhaps a little 3 against 3 with the nets turned backwards? No contact? Oh wait, your The Hives! Your shows are more physical than most NHL games! Full contact it is then! :)

Right, the flooring over the ice. Let's imagine this is not an issue. Would you be up for it?