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Ask your omnipotent leaders anything!

Everyone knows that The Hives know pretty much all that is worth knowing, omnipotent if you will. Here is your chance to get answers to the questions you always wanted answered.

Use the form below to send your question and The Hives will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Don't forget to keep checking out this page to view the answers to your questions!



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Here is a selection of previous questions & answers

Question from R
Dearest Chris,

The other day at the D.C show, I noticed that you had a brace on your arm. When I asked you what happened you replied "from drummin."

Now do you mean "drummin" as in you hurt your hand ripping through your drum set, or you hurt your hand playing your drums and then your chair slipped and you feel on a piles of banana's?

Well, I have an inflamed muscle in my arm and tendonitis in my wrist, not from falling or anything. Just from playing som bad ass drums. Hopefully It will get better soon.


Question from Troy Green
My name is Troy Green. Thank you Hives for writing a song about me. How did you find out about me? Was it from my paper on the state of Nebraska's endangered Themancis Snails published in the regional "Science World Today" 1998? I hope so. You guys are for sure a great rock band. I believe.



Question from James Barber
Hey chris,
does Fredrik Normark (Hives Guy) get to travel around with you on tour. every where ?

Yep, we never leave home without him.


Question from Vikki
What is it that Pelle shouts at the beginning of Tick Tick Boom?

Question from Amanda
Dearest Hives,

I have noticed for quite some time now that listening to you guys often gives me butterflies despite the fact that I am a fully grown adult... which makes me wonder how on earth is it possible to capture so much excitement and fun in all of your songs?

The amount of talent and good looks that the five of us combined spread over our planet is probably a reason to your well being, thank us again, again and again. We also thank you for feeling exactly how we want you to feel after have been encountered to The (magical) Hives.

Chris Dangerous.