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Ask your omnipotent leaders anything!

Everyone knows that The Hives know pretty much all that is worth knowing, omnipotent if you will. Here is your chance to get answers to the questions you always wanted answered.

Use the form below to send your question and The Hives will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Don't forget to keep checking out this page to view the answers to your questions!



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Here is a selection of previous questions & answers

Question from Rhys
Hey Hives. You guys are one of the greatest bands of all time. This question is for Chris. What kind of Cymbals do you use? I know there Zildjian A series but what kind?

Come back to Dallas.
Hey and thanks!

I use a 21" sweet ride, 18" thin crash and 14" mastersound hi-hats.


Question from tj
did pelle ever end up getting married to that Asian girl Isabella LU if so how come we never heard about it in the news?


Question from Louise
I have a question for Chris and you guys have the exact same watch? Or do you share one between eachother...or do you just keep stealing it from one another? Or, am I delusional and you two just have extremely similar looking watches?
Now for my second, more important question. Chris, have you ever gotten a speeding ticket while driving your fast, sporty cars? Was the fine reasonable and will you ever speed again? My husband has had 37 speeding tickets...and still drives over the speed limit.
Hey Louise,

you´ve got sharp eyes. We wear almost similar watches. I think Vig liked mine so much that he had to one for himself.

And about the speeding tickets - yes.


Question from Maja
Varför svarar ni aldrig på frågor längre? :(
Ha! Till och med en gammal tar jag mig tid för att besvara.


Question from Heather Dawn
Hello Hives.
This may seem like a very odd question, but ive always wondered.... Obvisiously theres time changes almost every where you travel... Does this throw you boys off as far as sleeping scheduals or show times? When you get back to your home country is it hard to get back in the routine of things there?
Yeah it's all wierd with all the traveling and stuff but by now we're kind of used to it so it's not a big problem for us.